Long Live Music’s Pick Number 4 of the BBC Sound of 2016


If you didn’t check out yesterday’s pick number 5, I highly suggest you do that before you dive into the next talent that we have chosen!

Next up, at our number 4 pick, we have a very talented woman who would definitely give a lot of our top 40 contenders a run for their money. Her vocals are soulful and pure, and are songs are raw and real.

Check out below for our number 4 pick of the week!

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Long Live Music’s Pick Number 5 of the BBC Sound of 2016


Now that 2015 is coming to a close, we are approaching a new year, and that means a whole batch of new artists to keep watch of over the next year so have a very promising future. Last years BBC Sound of 2015 winner Years & Years went on to conquer the world, as did many of the predecessors before.

The sound of 2016 brings on a lot of talent it was hard to choose a favorite, but every day this week I will be releasing one of my top 5 until we reach my number 1 pick of the long list!

Below you will find my first pick off the list, like I stated earlier, there was so much talent this year it was hard to find an order, so I do suggest you check out the whole list if you have time.

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NEW MUSIC: Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend [Ft. Beyonce]


I have always been a huge Coldplay supporter, and every time they bring out new music it always brings something new to the world of music that we know.

This time is no different, Coldplay has brought out all the stops this time around, I am absolutely loving this new sound. They have given themselves a little hip-hop vibe that hasn’t been heard on any of their records to date, and it sounds fantastic. We all knew the collab with Beyonce was coming eventually considering their relationship with Jay-Z, and while I am still not the biggest Beyonce fan, she has probably never sounded better than she does in this track.

Bey gives an almost tribal feeling toward a mellow/hip-hop beat, although her part is very minimal, it adds so much character to an already fantastic track. I am ready for the new era of Coldplay, this track has given me that push that I needed to back them for this album completely!

A Head Full of Dreams is out December 4th!


NEW MUSIC:TRAEDONYA! – Simply Beautiful UR [Ft. Irish Soulflower]

I’m always a little iffy when people send me their tracks because you never really know what to expect, but I was contacted by TRAEDONYA! last month and finally got around to listening to this track.

I was pleasantly surprised, there is a lot of old school soul vibes that this track is giving me, very Erykah Badu sounding, which is never a bad thing. Everything flows smoothly together and the vocals are kind of a mix between Erykah and Andreya Triana, both of which I admire quite a bit. This is definitely a track you need to dive into immediately if you are a fan of some good old school soul.

Support the artist:
Twitter – @TRAEDONYA

Thanks for the track!

ALBUM REVIEW: Adele – 25


It took me some time to listen to this album because I was kind of turned off from the whole project with her comeback single ‘Hello’. With an iconic previous album, ’21’ shattered so many records it was incredible to watch, so with her comeback I was expecting something almost legendary. ‘Hello’ didn’t do any of that, although the single itself broke countless records and probably still is, to me, it was just a safe single and didn’t do much musically.

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NEW MUSIC: J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar – Black Friday


Two of my favorite rappers have been teasing a project together for a little bit now, and yesterday, they each dropped a freestyle over a track from the other person titled ‘Black Friday’.  Kendrick raps over Cole’s ‘A Tale of 2 Citiez’, and Cole raps over Kendrick’s ‘Alright’.

Now there is no word on when this project may drop, but here is to hoping it happens very soon because I need it in my life!

Take a listen to the two tracks below!

NEW MIXTAPE: Chris Brown -Before The Party


Chris Brown dropped a surprise mixtape just a few hours ago, and it is jam packed with 34 tracks, with features from Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Wiz, Fetty, and more!

I have only listened to a couple of tracks so far, but from what I heard is pretty fire. I am still a big breezy fan, so anything he puts out is pretty good to me, unless its that top 40 dance mess that he was on before.

Take a listen below and download the free mixtape at datpiff.com