NEW MUSIC: Dua Lipa – Last Dance


My artists to watch are making some serious noise already!

Here we have Dua Lipa give us some genuine pop magic, with “Last Dance”. This is one of those tracks that is just dance floor ready and is just an innocent pop track with a more mature sound.

Dua Lipa recently covered The Weeknd’s “The Hills“, and her vocal ability is really quite unique. Her career is just about to take off, and with her previous track, “Be The One” still on heavy rotation, there is definitely room for “Last Dance” on my playlist.

NEW VIDEO: Beyonce – Formation


I need to update this post, because I have been reading up the controversy surrounding this video, so I need to somewhat retract my previous statement.

First off, let me start by saying that she, once again, stole parts of this video from a documentary titled, “That B.E.A.T”, in which the original creators did not give her permission to use. There is nothing new there, with Beyonce comes “borrowing”. I understand everyone does it, but the difference is, there was not even one mention of credit given.

Focusing on the song, it is fire. Beyonce knows how to cater to her audience and she does a damn good job at it. This is the anthem that was missing from Rihanna’s latest efforts. The lyrics are empowering, and all about being the best you and all that fun stuff.

However the video doesn’t really follow any of that. I kind of get where she went with it, but she tried to add all this controversy in the video, but the lyrics are not very controversial, at all. Images of sinking police cars and the little boy dancing infront of the police squad while the camera pans over the “stop shooting us”. These images don’t quite follow along with the lyrics, “If he f*ck me good I take him to red lobster”. I could be wrong, and I might just be missing something, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.

All of that being said, take each thing separately and she has created some serious magic. Put them together, and you kind of just have a confusing mess.

Correct me if I’m wrong, please!

NEW VIDEO: KStewart – Be Without You

This track gained my attention from its extremely talented producer, MNEK. I first heard of KStewart with her track,”Ain’t Nobody” but that track never really resonated with me. I think this was around the time Ariana Grande was hitting her stride and I made a comparison to her. I hate to make that comparison but at times you can definitely see the similarities. KStewart’s track is definitely a standout with a fun video, that will give you some serious 90’s Mariah vibes.

This track is definitely a smash, and I really hope she gets some recognition, because there is a lot of talent here.

NEW VIDEO: Gallant – Blue Bucket of Gold [Ft. Sufjan Stevens]

There is has been so much going on musically, that it is hard to keep track of. I stay to true to my Artists To Watch, and give them every feature that I can because they are that good. All I want you to do is check out the note this talent hits at the 3:20 mark, and if that doesn’t make you want to rewind and repeat, you should just leave.

Check out Gallant’s duet with Jhene Aiko,”Skipping Stones” because that is another track that you don’t want to miss out on.

Serious talent here guys!

NEW MUSIC: Zak Abel -Say Sumthing


Just realized that I haven’t dedicated a post to Zak since I discovered his Gorgan City collaboration. Around 5 or 6 months ago, he gave us new music titled “Say Sumthing” which was produced by the talented KAYTRANADA.

My favorite thing about this track is this amazing vocal ability of Zak, but that is stating the obvious. The production is something else, with a booming drum line while Zak belts pours emotion for an unnamed love.

I need to keep a closer eye on this guy, there is a lot of talent here.

NEW MUSIC: Katy B x Craig David x Major Lazer – Who Am I


I don’t know about you, but this was one of the tracks from Katy B’s upcoming album Honey, that I was dying to hear. It just premiered on Annie Mac’s show a few minutes ago, and I can already tell this track is going to be huge.

“Who Am I” features two huge names, Craig David and Major Lazer. Katy B takes a different stand on what I expected, giving it a much smoother vibe. With the addition of Craig David and Katy B matching vocals together, it makes for a sweet and smooth R&B flavored track. It kind of sounds like modern day version of the Kelly Rowland and Nelly track, “Dilemma”. The Major Lazer production is easily heard and just helps Craig and Katy stand out even more. I can’t rave on this track anymore, just take a listen below!

I have been a huge fan of all three of these artists for quite some time now and I am so glad to hear them all on one track together. Katy B has a HUGE album on her hands, from her smash “Turn The Music Louder“, and now she comes back with this.

I have been patiently waiting for about 5 years for Katy B to come tour the USA, here is to hoping this track get’s worldwide recognition to give her the needed boost!

Team UK stand up!!!

NEW MUSIC: Gallant -Skipping Stones [Ft. Jhené Aiko]


One of our Artists to watch for this year has just released some SOULFUL fire in a mesmerizing duet with Jhené Aiko. They have stated that this track is specifically for those that are “feeling lonely on valentines day”.

All I really need to say about this track is in the first 30 seconds. Gallant shows off his impressive vocal range hitting that sexy falsetto note and letting it ride the rest of the track. Jhené’s smooth vocals are the best way to even out the powerhouse that is Gallant. This track has so much soul and r&b flavor behind it, and it is sure is definitely a smash!