I have known about Kwabs for a while, but he was kind of one of those people that got forgotten about since his music process is one that takes time. With the release of his music video for ‘Right or Wrong‘, earlier this year, he sparked back up on my radar. It seems he is ready to come into the limelight with the release of a fantastic EP, Right or Wrong, and most recently his release of a huge track called ‘Something Right’, which can be heard below.

Kwabs definitely has soul written all over his vocals, but something else can be said about the production behind his big vocal tracks. Most of his tracks are produced by SOHN, which has just recently released material of his own. Kwabs is definitely one to watch for in the coming year, and although with the release of MNEK’s solo tracks adds to his competition, but Kwabs seems to be going in a different direction.

Anyway, keep an eye on this guy in the near future, big things shall happen!


Also, if you want to be at lost for words, watch him perform a track off his EP called ‘Last Stand’ live after the jump!

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NEW MUSIC: Jennifer Hudson – Walk It Out [Ft. Timbaland]


After releasing her fun and safe, T.I assisted single, ‘The Way I Feel’, Jennifer Hudson comes back pretty strong. Her new Timbaland assisted single ‘Walk It Out’, is a little more Rihanna flavored, but that doesn’t take away anything from Hudson, because lets be honest, the 2 don’t even compare. Jennifer Hudson shows us she can change her sound up and still sound amazing. I’m loving this track, definitely doing something she hasn’t done before. I want to hear more from this side, although her soulful ballad side is just as good, anyway take a listen below!


NEW MUSIC: Lana Del Rey – West Coast

Lana Del Rey is back, from what seems like a long hiatus from the business, with her new single ‘West Coast’. This track is everything you would imagine a Lana track to be, a little haunting, mixed with a kind of R&B feel to it. I’m loving it, it sounds a bit different from what she has done her first time around, but she hasn’t lost her unique touch, especially with Lorde being such a huge success, she needs to keep this up. Looking forward to hearing what Lana has in store this time around.

NEW VIDEO: Maverick Sabre – Breathe


Maverick Sabre is back ladies and gentlemen. His debut album Lonely Are The Brave was a definite smash, and now he releases his first single from his second album titled ‘Breathe’. This track shows a little less Sabre vocals, and more of his flow, it definitely sounds different from his first album. I’m not sure how I feel about the track just yet, but I have been a huge Sabre fan for a while now, and I’m sure this will grow. It’s not radio friendly like the smash ‘Let Me Go’, but I’m liking the stripped back style that he has going.

Watch out for Maverick Sabres second album!

NEW MUSIC: MNEK – Every Little Word



One of my favorites MNEK has arrived, and powerfully might I add. ‘Every Little Word’ is guaranteed a smash hit, maybe not in the USA but definitely in the UK. This track definitely has an old school pop vibe that goes along with it mixed with a little funk. There is so much going on it is hard to just listen to it just once. MNEK will definitely be a huge success very soon, and I’m excited to hear what he has coming up in the future, and definitely looking forward to that debut album because I have wanted it for a while now.

NEW MUSIC: Ed Sheeran – Sing



After a 3 year break from the studio, Ed Sheeran has made quite the name for himself in those 3 years. From being nominated to Grammy’s, playing Sold out arenas worldwide, and even writing songs for megastars OneDirection. Ed Sheeran finally graces us with actual new music, his previous album +, was kind of a compilation of everything he has been working on while slowly building his name. His new album x is scheduled to be released in June, and this is the first single ‘Sing’.

‘Sing’ is definitely a track that keeps Ed’s classic acoustic fast talking sound accompanied with his hard hitting guitar beat. It kind of sounds like his first sound on steroids, which in my book is definitely worth the listen. As opposed to going the safe way and releasing an acoustic ballad for his first single, he takes it back to the old school roots and releases an upbeat ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ sounding track. The track was made alongside the talented Pharrell, and you can definitely hear his influences and maybe a little Justin Timberlake? Definitely towards the end with the falsetto. This track I feel is going to be one of the biggest tracks of 2014.

If this is what is to come out of his second album, I’m definitely all for this!

Take a listen below!

NEW VIDEO: Jody Brock – Stormy Weather

Got so busy with things, I realized I forgot to feature one of my long time favorites, now months old, video ‘Stormy Weather’. Jody Brock is someone I’ve been following for years now, and I will continue to throw all my support his way because he deserves all of it. ‘Stormy Weather’ is one of his originals but if you’re still not sold on him, check out his many acoustics on his youtube page because they are just as good. Anyway, not much else to say, but this guy is doing big things and you should join the ride!