NEW MUSIC: Rita Ora- R.I.P [Ft. Tinie Tempah]

Recently featured Rita Ora is trying to have quite a strong debut by releasing her Chase & Status produced tune, ‘R.I.P’ featuring UK rapper Tinie Tempah. This is the UK debut single she is going to have and I can clearly see why, it is definitely a lot more hard hitting than her USA debut ‘Party & Bullshit‘.

Take a Listen:

Although not as strong and catchy as ‘Hot Right Now’ with DJ Fresh, but definitely a strong debut. The original Chase & Status produced beat comes from Nneka’s ‘Heartbeat‘ remix, and honestly I prefer this Rita Ora version to that one. That being said, I’m not sure which single I prefer out of the two, seeing as ‘Party’ has grown on me since its first listen. It really is two different musical worlds, one is more dubstep influenced and a little like a Rihanna ‘Rated R’ throw away, the other is kind of like a Jessie J throw away track. Either way, I know she has way more vocal potential than both of these tracks, and I hope she releases a tune that shows that. I still haven’t given up on her just yet, I just hope she doesn’t sell out to the business.

Still good though

NEW VIDEO: Gorillaz – DoYaThing [Ft. Andre 3000 and James Murphy]

Earlier this week an unlikely yet amazing collaboration came out with the Gorillaz, Andre 300, and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy. I absolutely LOVE this song, and Andre 3000’s verse is pure fire. The video is your normal Gorillaz video, animation and all.
The song is definitely a step forward for them, and I think their upcoming album could be quite good, like most of the rest of them were.

NEW MUSIC: JoJo – Sexy To Me

The beautiful JoJo has released another single off her long awaited album Jumping Trains due out this spring titled ‘Sexy To Me’. A demo for this song leaked quite a long time ago, but now the song has officially been released on itunes, and it definitely sounds a lot better than the demo. This song is definitely different from her first single ‘Disaster‘ (which has a crazy good dubstep/dance remix), it has a more uptempo beat and it is definitely just more fun all together.

JoJo’s album has been in the works for quite some time, and it’s good to see it all finally coming together, I can’t wait to see what other tracks she has in store.

Take a listen to ‘Sext To Me’ below!

FREE EP: Miguel – Art Dealer Chic Vol. 1

R&B Singer, Miguel has released a short 3 track EP for FREE. His sound is definitely evolving to a more current R&B sound, and it sounds perfect. The short EP features the song ‘Adore’ for which he dropped a video for earlier this year. The other 2 tracks also have the same feel encompassing old school vibes, mixed with a more futuristic R&B sound. All 3 tracks on this EP are definitely pure fire, and best of all, its all free!

Miguel is set to drop an album this year, and judging by the way all of this is sounding, it definitely could be a winner.

thanks to Pinboard for the upload

NEW MUSIC: Plan B- Ill Manor

Plan B is back!!!

After releasing arguably one of the best albums of 2010, The Defamation of Strickland Banks, which was also a huge UK chart success, with one of the biggest songs of that album being ‘She Said‘, he has released ‘Ill Manor’ of his same name titled album due out this year.

Ditching the soulful, pop, top 40 sounds he was working with on his last album, this track is hard hitting with a bit of a grime feel towards it. I love everything about this track, and I think it’s definitely genius. Chart wise, I’m not sure if people will warm up to it like they did his previous album, but I think it will find it’s place on the UK charts. Definitely not in America though seeing as we are all about Dance music at the moment, but anyway

Take a listen below:

thanks to Pinboard for the heads up

NEW MUSIC: Madonna – Girls Gone Wild

Madonna is trying again with her new single ‘Girls Gone Wild’ produced by  the legendary DJ, Benny Benassi. As far as top 40 hits go, this is DEFINITELY number 1 material right here, as opposed to her other song. I definitely think this song is a better choice for single material seeing as EDM is definitely the top 40 way to go right now. After that horrific end to the superbowl performance with LMFAO, I figured she would be going in this direction with her album.

For me, I like it, I’ll forget about it in a month or so. It is way to average and just blends in with all the other Dance music that is being released right now, and it doesn’t really stick out with anything special. It will definitely rocket up the charts though, and I’m sure that’s all she is concerned about.

Take a listen:

MDNA is due out March 26th


ACOUSTIC VIDEO: Vince Kidd- The Last Train


I really can’t stress how good this guy is! I recently featured him in one of my Artist Spotlight posts, and he just dropped another acoustic video for a track titled ‘The Last Train’, paying a fitting soulful tribute to the late legend Etta James. I’m not sure where the track is from, I’m guessing from his upcoming album, but either way it doesn’t matter because it’s AMAZING!

If you don’t know him, get yourself educated because he is going far! Watch out for this guy this year!

NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown – Get Money

Personal life aside, Chris Brown has just released a track from somewhere titled ‘Get Money’. He definitely ditched the top 40 dance generic dance radio format for this tune, but adapted a generic hip hop/hard hitting rap beat to it. Chris throws down rhymes over the beat, and ditches his vocal riffs. It’s definitely not my favorite track from him, but it’s not the worst either. Personally, I like to see him more on this side of music, than the sell out dance music that he makes, although I have to admit I do kind of like, more so for the beats though. Anyway, if this is from his upcoming album then I’m not really sure what direction he is going in, since he previously released ‘Turn Up The Music‘.

Anyway, take a listen below and see what you think!

Shouts to Pinboard for the track!

NEW MUSIC: Carrie Underwood – Good Girl

American Idol winner, probably one of the 2 that actually are still around, Carrie Underwood is on to her 4th album. She just released the first single off of it and it definitely sounds like a winner. Just like her ‘Before He Cheats’ & ‘Undo It’ tracks, she uses those amazing vocals on and upbeat pop country beat and it sounds amazing. I love everything about Carrie Underwood and I’m definitely waiting for what she has in store for this album. I definitely see a lot of success for this album just like previous ones, she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


NEW MUSIC: Rita Ora- Party and Bullshit

Previously mentioned Rita Ora, has released her much anticipated debut single.
I’m kind of disappointed with this track, I mean it’s catchy, and definitely a good song for the season, a little bit of a Jessie J rip off. She seems to have a lot going for her, but for a debut single, this isn’t up to par at all. Especially being a female, she has A LOT of competition right now and this doesn’t compete with the distinct sounds of what they debuted with at all.

I mean I like it, but I don’t see it furthering her career at all. I would have expected something more detailed, or more exciting than this.
I don’t know what direction she is going in for her album but let’s hope she doesn’t put out more ‘Radio friendly’ tracks.