NEW MUSIC: Disclosure – Omen [Ft. Sam Smith]



The dream team is back, from taking over the world with ‘Latch’ and now gracing us with their second collaboration ‘Omen’. This song is an all around feel good smash just waiting to follow in the footsteps of ‘Latch’.

Now because the song isn’t as mainstream as ‘latch’, I do think it will take some time for it to grow on the charts over here as it will in the UK side of things.

All in all, another smash for the trio!! Take a listen below!!

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JUST LISTEN: Project Alfie – Let It Go (James Bay Cover)

Project Alfie was one of the talents that I lost track of throughout the years, he first caught my attention back in 2011 with the release of his free mixtape, and since then he hasn’t done too much it seems. I stumbled across this fantastic cover done by the, now, even more amazing Project Alfie of one of my favorite songs of the year. His vocal abilities have come a long way since I first discovered him and I hope to hear some more original stuff from him soon!

NEW MUSIC: Brayton Bowman – Real


One of my favorite new talents has graced us with new music in the form of ‘Real’. Brayton has always been the person to be, for lack of better words, real on all his tracks. With this track being no exception, he basically just goes in on anyone that isn’t keeping it real with you, and it is amazing. It is a solid track overall, and I have absolutely loved everything he has put out.

The world needs to watch out for this one!

NEW MUSIC: Jamie Woon – Sharpness


It has been a while since I have been this excited about the return of an artist. Today we see signs of life in the form of Jamie Woon, and so much life it gives. Disclosure took over Annie Mac’s radio show in the UK today and were ever so amazing to give us this taste of new Jamie Woon that we have been waiting for. The track is titled ‘Sharpness’ and it has so much soul and old school vibes along with the classic Jamie Woon sound that we fell in love with, with his debut Mirrorwriting.


NEW VIDEO: Kwabs – Fight For Love

If you don’t know about Kwabs, check out my previous post here. He is now back, and with a huge track titled ‘Fight For Love’, the track is very 90’s dance inspired and don’t even get me started on the vocals of Kwabs. Amazing all over, and I am really excited to see what else he brings us.

This track is definitely going to chart in the UK, watch out world!