NEW MUSIC: Maverick Sabre- Walk Into The Sun

Following up on his single ‘Emotion’, Maverick releases his next single ‘Walk Into The Sun’, which is definitely a feel good summer track. I have loved everything he has put out, he definitely has a lot of talent, and I can’t even begin to describe the vocals. I am patiently awaiting this mans second album, and this track just gets me more excited for it.

NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown – Put It Up [Ft. Rihanna]


This isn’t necessarily new, it is an unreleased track from way back, when they were trying to rub it in everyone’s face that they are don’t care what anyone says and will still put out music together. You might have your own opinion on these 2, but when it comes down to it, they put out some fantastic music together. This is no exception, they definitely compliment each other vocally, and with an R&B vibe behind them, it just flows perfectly. It is too bad things went down the way they did, because I would love to hear more collaborations from these 2, there is still hope for future collabs with Rih’s album coming out soon, lets just cross our fingers!


NEW MUSIC: JoJo – Far From Heaven


Could this be the year of JoJo that I have been waiting for about 6 years now? Lets hope so!

JoJo has been through so much record label drama and since has signed to Atlantic Records where she will give us the album that we have been waiting oh so long for. She teases us with ‘Far From Heaven’, a song which shows off her immaculate vocal ability. This track will surely give you life. There have been many pictures on instagram of here being in studio with MNEK, which could prove to be a deadly combination.

All in all, I am just waiting for this album to come out, and for her to take over the world.

NEW MUSIC: Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money



We have been waiting for a Rihanna album for a lot longer this time around, she has decided to take about a 2 year break opposed to the album every year stance. After releasing the hugely successful ‘FourFiveSeconds’ she has teased about the release of ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ for it’s release today, and here it finally is. Upon hearing the title I imagined something quite more ratchet and hard. I guess, I am a little disappointed, but I feel like this track will definitely grow on me seeing as I have missed the Rihanna tracks as of late. I am definitely getting some Drake vibes on this track with all her rapping and stuff. This will for sure be an anthem for some and maybe even me at some point, but hey, she will definitely chart because she is Rihanna.

Also, no, I don’t understand the eyebrows.

Enjoy the edited version below!

NEW MUSIC: Brayton Bowman – Skin Deep


The very talented Brayton Bowman gives us more life with his track “Skin Deep” which is about having nothing in common with someone except your looks. He has collaborated with the equally talented MNEK, who previously just released his EP Small Talk.  The collaboration between the two is immaculate and I really hope the two collaborate more in the future because everything they both do is just plain right. If you haven’t checked out Brayton’s debut EP, you need to!

I can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us next, this is just the beginning!

NEW EP: Jody Brock – Phoenix


If you don’t know the talent that is Jody Brock by now, I highly suggest you dive in right now!

I have been following his career for quite sometime now, and I am highly impressed with everything has put out. After what feels like forever, we finally get an EP that was definitely worth the wait titled ‘Phoenix’. The one word I would use to describe Jody Brock and this whole EP is “Raw”. His sound is verging on rock with a soul which is definitely a sound we don’t have anywhere right now. If I had to compare it something, it would definitely be The Black Keys, but don’t let that get stuck in your head, because Jody adds so much more to that sound. Each track has a very distinct sound but keeps a very rock vibe going for it. I can’t even begin to describe the vocals on this EP, I thought I had heard it all, vocally, from him but he continues to impress.

Although I love the EP as a whole, I have to admit ‘User’ is definitely a standout track for me, so much depth and meaning behind every word in that song. I have posted the video for the song after the jump, which I highly suggest you watch right now!

Thank you Jody Brock for creating this, and I definitely hope this gives him enough momentum to cross over and play some shows in the USA here soon!

After falling in love with his talent, go buy the EP right here —–> Phoenix EP

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NEW MUSIC: Kanye West – All Day [Ft. Theophilus London & Allen Kingdom]


This is the song he performed at the Brits earlier this week, and now we get an almost final version of the song.  I have to say, I have been a fan of Ye’s tracks spawning out of this album, I’m not the biggest fan of this track just yet, I think I just need to hear it in full quality. I do like that kanye is giving Grime a small boost with this track.

Anyway, take a listen below!