Another talent that SBTV has highlighted for me named JP Cooper. This guy is more acoustic sounding but you can’t deny that voice on him. JP doesn’t have much going on yet as far as tracks go, he has a couple up on his soundcloud¬†but other than that, you just have to stick to youtube videos for now. The song he is seen above ‘What went wrong’ is probably my favorite that I’ve heard from him so far. Once again, I can’t really say much yet, but keep an eye out on this guy too, big things are coming his way.


SBTV is one of my favorite online sources for new artists, sadly they are mostly all from the UK, but I’ll take a good singer when I can get one, and Ed Thomas is that guy. He was featured on a Chase & Status track titled ‘Blue’, and as seen above, he can do it justice acoustically too. Ed has an EP out titled¬†Outlaws which can be heard at his official website. Other than his EP, he doens’t have anything else out or planned to be released soon, but I would keep an eye on this guy, he is going down the right track!




Just recently discovered BOOTS, and immediately fell in love wit his talent. BOOTS produced one of the biggest superstars tracks, Beyonce’s ‘Haunted/Ghost’. This track ‘Howl’ has a a little bit of each genre within, from soulful vocals to leading into a very dance friendly track towards the end, all while still keeping its R&B roots. This track is everything, and I hope to hear more from this guy, seriously talented!

NEW VIDEO: Maxine Ashley – Perpetual Nights

I’ve never heard of Maxine Ashley until I heard some buzz on her new track produced by the one and only Pharrell. I decided to check it out, and it is everything! You can definitely hear Pharrell’s influence on the track, and Maxine’s smooth R&B vocals fit perfectly with this track. It has a very summertime vibe to it, which is perfect for this time of year. I haven’t looked into much else from her, but I definitely will soon! Repeat.

ACOUSTIC: Daley – Love & Affection

Just to build on the hype of this mans debut album coming Feb 11th, I give to you an acoustic version he recently performed for Billboard titled, ‘Love & Affection’. Another beautiful track that only furthers my interest in his album, I absolutely can’t wait for Days And Nights to come out! Stop reading this and listen!

Also, if anyone is going to SXSW, he will definitely be there and I hope for everyone to come out to his show in support!

NEW EP: Afro Deezy Axe – The Vagabond EP

Most of you probably haven’t heard of these talented guys known as the Afro Deezy Axe, yet. These guys are currently a local band located near the Dallas,Texas area and after a couple of years of gigging locally, they have managed to release an EP, and I have to say it sounds fantastic! The short 5 track EP features some of their best songs and doesn’t even begin to show the aura they give out during a live show. I highly recommend if you’re ever near to check them out!

The above track is the only one I could find in full on Youtube titled ‘Stay With Me’. Definitely check out the others on the EP even if you aren’t a fan of this track, they are all fantastic!

Anyway, you can check out their EP via Spotify and iTunes
Keep up to date with their gigs on facebook

NEW VIDEO: Ben Kahn – Drive (Part 1)

If I had to sum up Ben Kahn, it would be Jai Paul. The 2 have very similar sounds its incredible, I can’t explain how much I have craved a new Jai Paul song, or even just some contact from him, but for fans of Jai Paul, I’m sure your void will be filled with Ben Kahn for just a little bit longer. Check out the video for Drive, and also look into his other tracks, all which are quite amazing!

NEW MUSIC: Moko – Honey Cocaine


I know it has been a while for the music updates, but it’s about time that I bring this back. What a better way to bring it back from a months break than with the soulful sexy Moko. Moko has been featured on the hit Chase & Status song, ‘Count on Me’ which sits at #15 on the UK top 40 charts. Don’t let her collaboration with them fool you though, this chick has everything it takes to make it on her own, including the vocals.

‘Honey Cocaine’ is vocally huge, and I can’t explain how sexy and smooth the beat is, which at times invokes many chills. The end of the track really showcases her vocal abilities, and I have to say that I can’t wait to hear more from her.

Watch out world!

NEW VIDEO/ARTIST: Elli Ingram – Poetic Justice (Kendrick Lamar Cover)

I was going through, voting for the MOBO’s in the UK and I came across this talent in the newcomers section, and decided to check her out seeing as she was the only one I didn’t know. Turns out, I fell in love immediately after hearing her cover of Poetic Justice. She has a very Amy Winehouse/Maverick Sabre which immediately drew me towards her, but keeping her own identity with a little breakdown during the verses. Her voice is perfection and this video doesn’t really do justice of some of her live videos.

Anyway, I would definitely watch out for her, especially since Adele is on hiatus at the moment, there is space for her in the market right now

NEW VIDEO: Lorde – Tennis Court

Lorde has been gaining quite a bit of buzz recently over the internet, and just yesterday she released her video for her quite amazing single ‘Tennis Court’. If you don’t know Lorde, you will probably love her if your a fan of Lana Del Rey, they both sound very much the same. I hate to say it, but I haven’t seen anything yet that sets the 2 apart, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but also no the best. I do love ‘Tennis Court’ although comparable to Lana, either way both are very good. Enjoy!