NEW MUSIC: Shlohmo & Jeremih – The End [Ft. Chance The Rapper]


I have been waiting for this EP for a long time now, and I finally get to hear it in full. This is just one of the tracks off a very forward sounding EP, it gives R&B a new flavor with the mix of these 2 talents. Every track has a little bit of trap mixed with R&B. I’m loving everything about this EP and I have a feeling this will be on heavy repeat.

The whole No More EP is available for free download right here.

NEW MUSIC: Astronomyy – U Make Me Feel Good


Alright ladies and gentleman, we have a very talented man who is about to blow up very soon. I have just come across Astronomyy and I wish I had sooner, while I don’t know much about him, I know he makes fantastic music, and for now thats all I need to know! ‘U Make Me Feel Good’ is hard to describe in words, to me it sounds like a modern soul track. It has a very smooth vibe, yet has a very R&B almost Trap sounding beat in the background. All I can say is, its perfection for my ears, and it will be to yours too.

Look out for his EP There For U, coming out July 28th, it is sure to please us!

NEW MUSIC: Brandy – Magic (Coldplay Cover)

Brandy promo

One of my all time favorite vocalists is getting ready to grace us with a new LP for our ears. In the meantime, she has decided to cover, probably one of the most covered songs as of recently, Coldplay’s ‘Magic’. While I’m not a fan of the original, the immense amounts of covers that I have heard have made me a fan of the song itself, and Brandy’s soulful attempt is no exception. She takes it to a smoother level with her amazing vocals, and keeps it very simple.

Brandy may not be doing that well commercially, but there is no denying how unique and amazing her vocal abilities are, and I will always be a fan of her no matter what.

NEW MUSIC: Usher – She Came To Give It To You [Ft. Nicki Minaj]


Usher comes back funky with his Pharrell produced single, ‘She Came To Give It To You’. While this Pharrell beat is a bit retired and predictable, I’m not mad at this track. I really hope Usher keeps this sound going, because, while this is no ‘Good Kisser’, I’m very impressed with this. It’s not a standout single that will remain in your ears forever, but at least he isn’t doing his crappy dance/EDM vibe anymore.

Usher is also going to be opening up the VMA’s soon, so we might get a taste for new music then.

NEW VIDEO: Fifth Harmony – Bo$$

Yeah, this is happening.

I have so many mixed feelings about this. The first 10 seconds of this song slays everything. Then the lyrics kick in and you realize that they are all under the age of 21. Now the video gives me a little bit a life, but at the same time they are aged 15-20. They are going in the right direction, just a little too soon. I can’t lie, I am interested in what else they have to come up with.

I’m also here for Normani, because she is the only one killing it in this era.

NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown – New Flame [Ft. Usher & Rick Ross]



Coming back stronger than ever, Chris Brown releases a very hot (no pun intended) new single titled ‘New Flame’. After smashing his performance at the BET awards earlier tonight, he graces us with new music, that honestly could have done without Rick Ross. This new single is definitely on par with Usher’s ‘Good Kisser’, and he is hopefully done with all his antics and will start to focus on his career more because this kid has the talent to be the best.

While it still isn’t life changing, its a very good start, and I look forward to the video and more from this era of music from him!

NEW MUSIC: The Weeknd – Often



The Weeknd surprises us with a new release titled ‘Often’ just minutes ago. The Weeknd, to me, has kind of lost interest to me since he has hit mainstream, but that is just me. I do like this song a lot, but it’s nothing life changing like I need. The beat to this song is a little overused, but you know all that being said, its still pretty good.

I’m looking for him to change it up now

NEW VIDEO: FKA Twigs – Two Weeks

There are no words for how amazing this is.

I’m getting so many different vibes from this video and I love all of them. Let’s start with how big the song itself is, FKA Twigs’ vocals are pure perfection over this building beat that gets stronger as the song goes on. I can’t even begin to explain the visuals. I am getting a little Game of Thrones/Aaliyah, queen of the dammed vibes from it. I don’t have any other words for this, just listen to it.

NEW MUSIC: Nao vs A.K Paul – So Good



No one knows what happened to the ever so talented Jai Paul, but apparently A.K Paul is his brother and has a very similar sound to Jai when it comes to music. A.K Paul has had a hand in making some of my favorite tracks in the past couple of months including Sam Smith’s ‘Nirvana’, and Jessie Ware’s ‘Devotion’. Now he lends his talents to Nao, a very sexy sounding soul singer. The track is a little funky mixed with a bit of electronic vibe. I’m loving everything about this, and hope to hear more from both as soon as possible.

Not quite convinced that A.K Paul is Jai’s brother, but rather just Jai Paul in disguise…..