NEW MUSIC: Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean


Justin Bieber is back.

I have been fighting myself back and fourth on this track, there was so much hype behind it so I was hoping for something life changing. Justin decided to keep it fairly simple, which makes sense considering he is still hitting the charts hard with his Jack U collaboration. I do have to say, I listened to it once it came out and it was stuck in my head for a good amount of time after which is never a bad thing. I guess I was expecting something bigger and better.

It’s a great lead single, and I will be tuning in to the VMA’s to see how he handles performing this single. When it comes down to it, he is Justin Bieber, and he is already breaking itunes records with this track, so this will definitely be a chart topper!

Not a bad start to the new and improved Bieber, so lets see how this turns out!

NEW MUSIC: Parson James – Stole The Show


Have you heard the UK smash by Kygo, ‘Stole The Show’? Well I finally found the talent behind the amazing vocals of that huge track, and it might be better than the original. Parson James gives us a sort of acoustic rendition of ‘Stole The Show’, and it has made me a fan. The emotion and meaning behind it has so much more meaning in this version, and I’m really excited to see what this guy churns out in the future!

NEW EP: Brayton Bowman – The Update


Could be one of the best days for music in a long time!

One of my favorites releases his EP The Update, and it is fantastic! We have already heard the fantastic and gritty tracks ‘Real’ and ‘Skin Deep’. We get two new tracks that I have never heard, one being the fantastic ‘Side’, featuring an unknown talent named Donna Missal. It could definitely be one of the standout tracks on the entire EP, although they are all greatness, this could be a sort of end of summer anthem.

The next track is ‘Play Me’, which has a sort of haunting feel to the chorus, but I have to say the vocals on this track are fantastic. He gives this baby maker a sexy and modern feel. Everything about it works, giving it his own spin.

We fully support this artist to the max, and if you haven’t heard any of his previous tracks you need to check them all out here.

Listen to the EP below!

NEW MUSIC: Nick Jonas – Levels


After breaking out of the teen pop sensation, Jonas Brothers, we have a standout who has made quite the impression on me musically, Nick Jonas. He put on quite a funky yet R&B vibe in his debut solo album, and now he gives us more of that with more of a dancefloor vibe this time. This track is great, and I definitely see it hitting number one in no time at all!

I’m a fan.