NEW MUSIC: Years & Years – Desire



After making my first Years & Years post yesterday, the group comes back with another single that premiered on UK radio yesterday called ‘Desire’. Just like their previous track, ‘Take Shelter, ‘Desire’ brings such a UK dance-floor vibe and I love all of it. This is a sick track, bringing influences from every UK genre and combines it. These guys are going to be on my radar for months to come, they are just getting started!


NEW VIDEO: Years & Years – Take Shelter

Found out about Years & Years after hearing them being featured on the track ‘Sunlight‘ by The Magician. Now, after doing a little research into their solo work, I found this fantastic track titled ‘Take Shelter’. This track has a very UK dance-floor vibe to it, with it’s reggae feel to it. I’m loving everything about this track, and I have to say Olly, the lead singer, has got quite the voice on him. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys and they have my full support, and I hope to see them over here in Dallas very soon!


NEW MUSIC: Nick Jonas – Numb [Ft. Angel Haze]


I don’t really know where to start with this track. First, it’s straight fire, second, it’s Nick Jonas. Who would have thought that the former Jonas brother had this in the works, this collaboration with Angel Haze is something different, and yet still has top 40 written all over it. It sounds a bit like trap music at points, but this will shoot up to the top of the charts easily, it might even give Angel Haze the necessary push to fame that she deserves.

I’m actually really excited for the new Nick Jonas album; never thought I would find myself saying that.


NEW MUSIC: Danity Kane – Tell Me


These Danity Kane posts are always bitter-sweet, because the fact that they had fire in the studio still is blowing my mind, but on the other hand, this is the last that we will get from them is really depressing. Danity Kane was a girl group that couldn’t be tied down, it’s sad to see something this good go to waste. Anyway, with their album being released soon, we are slowly getting tracks off of it including ‘Tell Me’. Their previous track ‘Rhythm of Love’ wasn’t my favorite when I heard it in live version, and the studio version didn’t change that, but hearing ‘Tell Me’ gives me life again. I would have loved to see some classic Danity Kane choreography to a lot of these tracks on the album, maybe the whole thing is a publicity stunt? We can only hope!


NEW MUSIC: Mary J. Blige – Nobody But You


I have to admit, The London Sessions is churning out some hits, including this track tittled ‘Nobody But You’. While this isn’t as strong as ‘Right Now’, I love that The Queen is doing something different and doing it very well. She is stepping up from all other Divas in today’s industry, and changing the game entirely, being a step ahead of everyone else. This track is still great, and keeps the same kind of disclosure sound and has Mary J. belting over the dance floor beat.

I can’t wait to hear the album in its entirety!

NEW MUSIC: Gorgon City – Go All Night [Ft. Jennifer Hudson]

Eton Messy


I can’t stress how huge the UK scene is musically right now. Gorgon City is making quite the name for themselves, with their debut album being released less than a week away, Zane Lowe premiers another fire track. ‘Go All Night’ features the soulful Jennifer Hudson, and while she really brings nothing special to the Kiesa written track, well we all know she can still sing and that’s all that matters. Anyway, this track is pure dance flow, club anthem and I love every moment of it. I can’t wait to hear the rest of their album!

Take a listen!

NEW MUSIC: Clean Bandit – Real Love [Ft. Jess Glynn]


After being a couple months late on the rise to success of ‘Rather Be’, Clean Bandit returns with the beautiful Jess Glynn for the smash hit ‘Real Love’. This combination is still sitting pretty on the top 40 charts here in the USA, and while it has run its course over in the UK, they don’t waste time to churn out another hit. ‘Real Love’ will definitely gain just as much success as ‘Rather Be’, it definitely keeps the Clean Bandit sound with a sort of video game electronic feel to it, and I’m loving everything about it. Don’t even get me started on how fantastic Jess Glynn sounds on this track, I really hope her career hits off over here in the states!

Dive in below!