NEW MUSIC: Labrinth- Last Time

LabrinthFor those of you who aren’t familiar with Labrinth, he busted out on the scene in the UK as a featured vocalist on Tinie Tempah’s ‘Frisky‘ and ‘Pass Out‘, which were 2 major hits overseas. Then just last year he released his debut single from his album titled ‘Earthquake’ which was a massive track all over the UK. Now he is back with his new track ‘Last Time’ which he claims is going to be bigger than Earthquake. Take a Listen below:

Now I am a major fan of Labrinth,  but I definitely don’t see this topping the monster track that is ‘Earthquake’, but with that being said, this definitely has top 40 written ALL over it, and its only a matter of time before it reaches the charts. Anyway his debut album is scheduled to drop sometime in March, and I am definitely looking forward to see what else this guy has in store.


Vince Kidd

Vince Kidd has been on my radar for some time now, and I’m just glad to see him releasing some more music. I first heard his track ‘Taboo’ and instantly fell in love. Soulful voice mixed with an r&b type vibe, and it all mixes perfectly. This is the kind of talent we need right now, he is unique, and definitely a creative genius.

More recently he has dropped his first video for a new song titled ‘Sick Love’, which might I add is becoming one of my favorite tracks of 2012. The video is bizarre and yet you just want to keep watching. It’s sexy, smooth, and addictive all at the same time.

Check it out here:

also check out his track ‘Taboo’ below:

If those 2 tracks don’t persuade you then, take a listen to his acoustic version of a track called ‘Smother Me’ and be taken away by his soulful voice.  His debut album is due out later this year and I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more!

This guy has 2012 written ALL over him!

check him out on:

NEW MUSIC: M.I.A- Bad Girls

Bad Girls
New M.I.A off of her fourth album to be due out this summer. There was a mixtape version that was released a couple of months, but apparently she changed things up on it, and added it her album. I don’t see anything special about this track really, but with that being said, this track completely owns her flop album “MAYA” and I love every bit of this song , I’m actually looking forward to this album. She is on her way to being back where she belongs! The track hits itunes tomorrow (January 31st) for those that are interested!

M.I.A is also rumored to hit the superbowl stage next weekend with Madonna and Nicki Minaj to premier her new song “Give Me All Your Luvin”, the video to that song is supposed to air during American Idol this week so look out for that.

Take a listen to ‘Bad Girls’ below

NEW VIDEO: Maverick Sabre- No One

The video follows Sabre around a nightclub scene as he soulfully pours his heart out for a cheating girl in which he can’t get his mind off of. Your standard theme for a song, but with added soul that is much needed in the business today.

I have been following this mans career for quite a while now, and with his debut album ‘Lonely Are The Brave’ releasing next month, he dropped a video for his next single ‘No One’. He had smash hit in the UK with his debut single off his album ‘Let Me Go’ and it became one of my standout tracks of last year. Definitely one of my favorite soul singers of the past 2 or 3 years now, and I’m highly anticipating his debut album from what I have heard so far.

WATCH OUT 2012!!!

NEW MUSIC: Frank Ocean- Voodoo

Frank OceanEmerging artist Frank Ocean, who recently placed 2nd in BBC’s ‘Sound of 2012’, is now prepping his debut album. The track might not be as long as hoped, but it definitely shows off what he does best.  I personally love this track, and I can’t wait to hear what his album sounds like. If ‘Nostalgia’ is anything to bounce off of, I’m predicting a smash album. Anyway listen to ‘Voodoo’ below!

Christina Aguilera sings ‘At Last’

Since it is a slow day in the world of music, I figured I should post this video of Christina Aguilera singing ‘At Last’ at the legendary Etta James’ funeral service this morning. Every time Christina Aguilera is called upon to tribute a great artist, well, she NEVER fails and this just adds to the list.

Say what you please about her vocal control, but to me there is something about her untrained control that gives it the most appeal, rather than a machine manufactured singer. Soulful vocals and all she basically slayed that song just how it was meant to be slayed. There is a reason why she gets chosen to tribute so many legends and well just watch the video below and you will see why. AMAZING!

R.I.P Etta James