NEW MUSIC: Usher – Lemme See [Ft. Rick Ross]

Usher is back on his R&B side with ‘Lemme See’. I’m confused on what his album will sound like since he previously released the iconic ‘Climax’ then followed it up with the dance track ‘Scream’. Now he is channeling his R&B side again with this track.

I do prefer this track over ‘Scream’ but I think the added Rick Ross feature makes it less desirable. I just don’t like Rick Ross as it is, so his verse doesn’t help the song, but I definitely think this song is a winner, I’m just waiting to see what kind of album he will drop.

Take a Listen below!

NEW VIDEO: Rihanna – Where Have You Been

This track is definitely my favorite off of her album, I can’t say the video is anything amazing like ‘We Found Love’ was, but she looks drop dead gorgeous as usual. She also brings some dance moves which is rare these days for her. There is really no plot towards this video, but the song doesn’t have much depth anyway. It’s just a mindless dance track, and the video shows that. I look forward to seeing what she does with this live.

NEW VIDEO: Stooshe – Black Heart

One of my favorite female groups at the moment, have released a video for their next single titled ‘Black Heart’. I definitely think this group has exactly what it takes to make it big, they charted with their previous single ‘Love Me’ in the UK, and this will definitely chart too. I just hope we catch on to their talent over here because these 3 are going to be huge! Can’t wait for their album!

NEW VIDEO: Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You

The female talent behind Afrojack’s worldwide smash ‘Take Over Control’ is back on her own, with this lead single off her debut album due out this year. It’s only fitting that she goes in the Dance/Techno direction seeing as she definitely fits perfectly on a uptempo beat.

I actually really like this song, I’m not sure how much radio potential she has with it because it doesn’t really stand out from everything that’s being released at the moment, but as far as club charts go, I think it will do very well. She has some pretty intense vocals in her too, and I hope she does well, she seems to have what it takes.

NEW MUSIC: Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Smims&Belle Remix) [Ft. Azealia Banks]

Lana Del Rey’s amazing song, ‘Blue Jeans’ gets its first house infused remix. While I think the original was absolutely amazing, this actually isn’t bad at all. Azealia Banks is one of my favorites out right now, and you can tell that she just fits perfectly over a house beat, and this proves it. Nothing compares to the original, but this is a pretty good take on it!

NEW MUSIC: Brandy – Put It Down [Ft. Chris Brown]

After premiering her ‘Behind The Music’ on VH1 last night, she tries to build off the hype by releasing her solo single ‘Put It Down’ featuring Chris Brown.

I have always been a Brandy fan, because I think her vocals are definitely underrated, and she still was part of the iconic duet ‘The Boy Is Mine’. Now trying to keep it modern, she already failed with her return duet with Monica, ‘It All Belongs To Me’ now she tries to make it solo. This song is just alright, there is nothing iconic about it, like there should be from the long wait. It will get eaten up by radio plays, and definitely the general public will like it, and the added Chris Brown feature doesn’t hurt gain some fans either. As far as the track as a whole goes, it just doesn’t do anything astounding for me. It’s good, not good enough.

The artwork is so bad, I’m not sure what she was trying to do with that either.

take a listen!

NEW MUSIC: Usher – Scream

After releasing probably one the best songs of 2012, ‘Climax’, Usher tries to continue his streak with ‘Scream.

Guess What? Usher sold out to the business! This has top 40 written all over it, the beat, the nonsense lyrics, everything about it screams top 40, maybe that’s why its called Scream. I’m highly disappointed after hearing Climax which was definitely a career defining song for him. I guess he has to make money somehow?

I mean the song is catchy and good and all that as far as dance tracks and the radio are concerned, but I’m sure the music world is just as disappointed as I am right now.

Anyway take a listen below!