NEW MUSIC: Jim-E Stack – Bubble Boy

Just discovered this genius artist, straight from San Francisco, Jim-E Stack. He had me instantly hooked with this ‘Bubble Boy’ track which was released only a couple of days ago. His style is kind of like a mix of Disclosure and SBTRKT mixed, and yet he adds his own flavor to it. This track is straight fire production, and I have a feeling I should keep him on my radar because he is only just beginning. The track is available on iTunes right now, so I suggest you go buy it after you fall in love after the first listen!

NEW MUSIC: Nelly Furtado – The Spirit Indestructible

After 6 years, Nelly Furtado attempts to make her comeback and she has already made a huge impact with ‘Big Hoops’, which sadly didn’t perform well on the charts at all. ‘Hoops’ was so groundbreaking in every aspect, but I don’t think the US population was ready for it at all, and now she returns with ‘The Spirit Indestructible’. This song has it’s moments of huge production, and although her voice sounds a little unfinished, I actually like this song. Definitely not as good as ‘Hoops’ but it is refreshing to hear some genuine pop music again, rather than some dance music. Hopefully this song charts, although I highly doubt it.

NEW MUSIC: Kelly Rowland – Ice [Ft. Lil Wayne]

Kelly Rowland slows it down with her new single ‘Ice’. She enlists Lil Wayne again to try and rekindle their massive success with the amazing ‘Motivation’, and I must say it kind of works. I loved everything about ‘Motivation’, and although it sounds a bit like ‘Motivation 2.0’, in some way it still brings its own sound. I love Kelly Rowland, always have, and I really hope this brings some success which I’m sure it will. I always have a soft place in my heart for the Kelly Rowland dance tunes though.


NEW MUSIC: Keyshia Cole – Enough of No Love [Ft. Lil Wayne]

Keyshia Cole is back with her new single ‘Enough of No Love’ assisted by the rapper no one really cares about anymore Lil Wayne. She belts out her powerful vocals over a nice smooth R&B beat, and I think this is an amazing comeback track. We have been missing some real R&B, and now the females are bringing it back with Alicia Keys, now Keyshia Cole, and next up Kelly Rowland. This track is great, while I don’t care at all for Lil Wayne at all, but whatever, I love me some Keyshia Cole!


NEW VIDEO: Willow Smith – I Am Me

Child prodigy just fell off the earth when she released the depressing and horrible ‘I Am Me’. Willow Smith made her mark all over the world with ‘Whip My Hair’, now she has cut her hair, and turned into Pharrells cousin. This song is so bad, I’m not even sure why I made a post about it. The worst part of the video is the end when she has her little attitude going, and proceeds with the most hated words ever, ‘YOLO’. I’m sure it’s people like me that caused her to make this song, but seriously Willow, you could do better. Also, what’s with the Stevie Wonder impression? Just stop.

I’m just going to pretend the only song she ever released was the iconic ‘Whip My Hair’.