NEW VIDEO: Jessie J – Think About That

Jessie J┬áhas given us so many bangers over the last 6 years, there is no doubt about that. Many of her stand out tracks have been those from an emotional place (“Who You Are” “Big White Room“), but there is something different about this track. “Think About That” comes from a whole different place, and […]

NEW VIDEO: Jessie J – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Cover)

I have always thought Jessie J was a superstar. Her first album was pure pop perfection, and in the years to follow she kind of lost that raw soul, and transitioned to more pop. She has had some smash hits since then, and then kind of disappeared from the game, until now. “Can’t Take My […]

NEW MUSIC: Jessie J, Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

Three of musics biggest women are joining forces to create a huge, hard hitting ladies anthem. While I feel like all three of them could have brought something fantastic the table, they played the radio friendly route and brought the pop friendly anthem. This song is already huge on itunes charts, and no doubt will […]

NEW MUSIC: Jessie J – Excuse My Rude [Ft. Becky G]

After releasing a terrible single ‘It’s My Party’, Jessie J brings back all her momentum by releasing this big track titled ‘Excuse My Rude’. This track is everything that I love about Jessie J, it has her trademark vocals, and yet she keeps it hard hitting over an equally hard beat. The added feature of […]

NEW MUSIC: Jessie McCartney – Back Together

The last time I remember hearing a Jessie McCartney track was back when he made ‘Beautiful Soul’. Well while being on tour with the Backstreet Boys, he released a surprisingly good single titled ‘Back Together’. This track has a very old school feel to it, almost channeling JT in some spots. It’s very radio friendly […]