NEW MUSIC: M.I.A- Bad Girls

Bad Girls
New M.I.A off of her fourth album to be due out this summer. There was a mixtape version that was released a couple of months, but apparently she changed things up on it, and added it her album. I don’t see anything special about this track really, but with that being said, this track completely owns her flop album “MAYA” and I love every bit of this song , I’m actually looking forward to this album. She is on her way to being back where she belongs! The track hits itunes tomorrow (January 31st) for those that are interested!

M.I.A is also rumored to hit the superbowl stage next weekend with Madonna and Nicki Minaj to premier her new song “Give Me All Your Luvin”, the video to that song is supposed to air during American Idol this week so look out for that.

Take a listen to ‘Bad Girls’ below

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