NEW MUSIC: Francis Novotny – Between The Lines


Francis Novotny appeared out of no where, but I instantly fell in love with this track, “Between The Lines”.  There are some Jai Paul Hudson Mowhake similarities here for sure, but Francis definitely has given us his own spin.

“Between the Lines” is a smooth blend of some soulful vocals over some seriously booming production. There is some serious talent here, and while he only has a few tracks out right now, this guy is going to give us bangers!

If you liked what you heard, I included another one of his tracks titled, “Hit N Run” after the jump!

Check it out below!

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NEW MUSIC/VIDEO – DJ Khaled – I’m The One [Ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne]

DJ Khaled has definitely given us a song for the summer with this one! “I’m the One” is star studded giving us verses from Quavo from Migos, Wayne, the legendary Chance the Rapper, and Justin Bieber smashing the hook!

The video is pretty basic, but it definitely sets the scene for the track for sure. Summer vibes all around on this one, and it is an absolute banger! DJ Khaled has given us some pretty amazing tracks this year, and only more to come! Rumor has it he has a Rihanna collab coming titled, “Grateful”, so be on the lookout for that soon!

Meanwhile, press repeat on this track!

NEW MUSIC: Kygo – The First Time [Ft. Ellie Goulding]


Kygo has had quite the success since the “Firestone” days, and now he releases one of my favorite collaborations so far. This time he gives us a much anticipated track with the amazing, Ellie Goulding!

“The First Time” is mostly anticipated for the return of Ellie Goulding, who hasn’t dropped any solo material since her 2015 album, Delirium.

Take a listen below!!


NEW MUSIC: Katy Perry – Bon Appetit [Ft. Migos]


After taking quite the hiatus, Katy Perry has finally returned!

She first gave us the politically charged disco anthem, “Chained to the Rhythm” which I have to admit is still on heavy rotation. Now she gives us the Migos assisted track which she has been teasing all week, “Bon Appetit”.

The track definitely has a different vibe from “Chained” but I have to admit I’m definitely feeling it way more upon first few listens. The track is kind of a giant build-up, with each chorus giving us more and more until Migos jumps in right before the last synth-pop heavy chorus.

This track will definitely take over the airwaves with the catchy lyrics and heavy pop influenced beat.

Take a listen below!

NEW MUSIC: Cashmere Cat – Quit [Ft. Ariana Grande]


Cashmere Cat did not play around with his debut album,9. Previously giving us singles featuring Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello, we finally get to hear his collaboration with Ariana Grande, “Quit”.

“Quit” is exactly what we would expect from the pair. Ariana adds the sultry vocals, while Cashmere gives us some serious productions. He holds back during the verses and let’s Ariana’s signature vocals shine, then it all comes together perfectly on the hook to deliver an absolute smash.

9 is out now, and you can hear it after the jump via spotify!

Take a listen to the Ariana collab below!

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NEW MUSIC: Whethan – Love Gang [Ft. Charli XCX]


To those of you that are a stranger to Whethan, I’ll give you a quick rundown. At just 17 years old, this Chicago native DJ is the talent behind some huge tracks featuring some quite amazing talent. One of my favorites being “Savage” featuring MAX and Flux Pavilion. Another notable track is Ashe assisted single, “Can’t Hide“.

That brings us to his newest banger, assisted by the ever so talented Charli XCX, “Love Gang”. Charli XCX’s vocals sooth over the signature heavy production of Whethan delivering a perfect summer anthem.

Whethan doesn’t have any news on an album just yet, but I can assure you, once it drops that it will be an absolute smash!

Take a listen below!