NEW VIDEO: Troye Sivan – WILD [Ft. Alessia Cara]

If you don’t know my love for Troye Sivan by now, well you need to go ahead and get educated. Troye has always been able to make a statement in his movies and this is no different. Alessia Cara and Troye make the perfect duo, their voices flow together effortlessly.

I don’t need to say much about this, but I have a lot of respect for pop music with depth in it. There isn’t much of that around in the mainstream these days, but there are few gems out there, and Troye is definitely a front runner.

NEW MUSIC: Major Lazer – Cold Water [Justin Bieber & MØ]


Major Lazer has given us yet another smash. They enlist superstar Justin Bieber and MØ, who was one of the talents on their previous smash, “Lean On”. “Cold Water” was written by Benny Blanco and Ed Sheeran and you can definitely hear their influences throughout the track.

We are all used to hearing Major Lazer with some hard hitting summer smashes, but they decide to tone it down with this one and I think it is perfection. While Justin Bieber sounds fantastic on this track, I believe that MØ stole the show on this one. Although her part is short, the quirky and unique vocals are perfectly fitting over this track.

“Cold Water” is a fresh and new take from what we have been hearing on the radio these days. Major Lazer has been churning out the bangers and whenever they decide to release their next album, I see great things happening for them.

NEW MUSIC: KDA – Just Say [Ft. Tinashe]


Your next summer banger has arrived and it comes from the talent that has already given us one smash this year, KDA. KDA has already become one of my favorites since releasing “Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)” featuring Katy B and Tinie Tempah, both of which have been releasing constant bangers of their own. KDA comes back with some house goodness featuring the R&B songstress, Tinashe.

This track definitely takes Tinashe in a different direction, but I have to say she sounds fantastic. She gives a very sexy, 90’s vibe to this hard hitting house beat. I don’t see this song being a hit over here, but the UK will definitely eat this up just like they did KDA’s previous efforts. This track is a smash, and I am fully here to support KDA and whatever he brings out next!

Take a listen below!



M.I.A is back, and we couldn’t be more excited!

This track is an explosion of swag over a Skrillex produced beat. M.I.A has always been a little bit controversial and different with her sound. This track follows her rather controversial statements about the Black Lives Matter subject that is very touchy at the moment. That being said, I’d like to focus more on the music because that is what we are about.

This track is everything we need from her, and while her previous effort “Borders” was fantastic, this is the M.I.A we know and love. This comes from her next album, AIM, which I read is supposedly her LAST album ever. That is sad news for music fans everywhere, but we hope that she goes out with a bang and this is a fantastic start!


NEW MUSIC: Britney Spears – Make Me [Ft. G-Eazy]


Britney Spears is back, and this time, it’s just ok.

I’m usually excited for new music from pop mega-stars such as Britney, but after giving this a couple of listens, it fell flat. Don’t get me wrong, it is an absolute smash, but not for someone like Britney. The first 10 seconds sound like that Nick Jonas and Tove-Lo collab, “Close“. Then the rest of it sound like a mix of Kiiara’s “Gold” and some sort of Flume knock off.

With all those comparisons being said, I see exactly why she took this route because each of those tracks has smashed the charts. As for a Britney move, I expected something bigger and filled with more energy. To add to the generic track, she adds rapper of the moment to the mix, G-Eazy.

Either way, this track is going to do wonders on the charts and everything because it just fits right in. I’m hoping for something else the next time around!

If you want a smash by a pop superstar, see Fergie’s “M.I.L.F


NEW MUSIC: John Newman – Ole [Ft. Calvin Harris]


The summer anthems have been getting better and better, this time we get one from the crooner, John Newman. The production comes from man of the moment, Calvin Harris, and I have to say he hits the nail on the head.

John Newman gives us the perfect feel good track to chill and drink to. It is hard to tell what direction he is going with this new sound for his new album, but let’s just hope it sounds as good as this.

Take a listen below!

NEW VIDEO: Fergie – M.I.L.F $

Fergie is officially back.

After her fail of a track, “L.A. Love”, she brings back her trademark swag on the fantastic womens empowerment track, Mom’s I’d Like To Follow or “MILF $”. There is really no telling whether this will be a hit or not but I believe that it has everything behind it to become a smash. The pop world is missing that Fergie flow and we have been waiting entirely too long for a solo album from the dutchess.