NEW MUSIC: JLS – Hottest Girl In The World

Since I gave The Wanted some love yesterday, I feel like JLS should get some too. I haven’t been a fan of their music, with the exception of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, but this new NSYNC flavored single is actually pretty awesome! ‘Hottest Girl In The World’ actually sounds like a 2000 NSYNC record, mixed with a bit of Justified, which might be the reason I actually like it. Everything about this screams top 40, and maybe even a number 1, so we will see how the UK reacts to this. JLS has yet to take over the US, but seeing as we have accepted The Wanted and OneDirection, I don’t see JLS being too far behind especially with a monster track like this!

The video is also been released, but the whole ‘not available in your country’ is an issue, but you can watch it here —–> JLS – Hottest Girl In The World

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