NEW VIDEO: Ciara – Sorry

Ciara returns with her first single off her most anticipated album yet, ‘sorry’. Hearing snippets of this, and hear her talk about it made me pretty much loose all interest in it, but now that it’s released in full I can finally make my judgement and, I love it! It’s no ‘Promise’ or anything like that, but it does bring a little older feel of R&B in the picture, and even Ciara who isn’t the best vocalist, sounds pretty damn good. I was hoping for a more upbeat single as her first track back, after what seems like a decade. Nonetheless, this is a good start, and the video does help, even if it does feature an off brand 50 cent. I think I can get on board with her new album after this.

Also for some reason, the beat made me want to sing Genuine’s ‘Differences’, but either way, good track.


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