NEW MUSIC: Missy Elliott – 9th Inning + Triple Threat

FCK YES. The Queen is BACK!

I can’t contain my excitement, both of these tracks are pure fire and I’m so glad to hear Missy back after her long hiatus, and it was definitely well worth the wait. I was a bit worried when I heard Timbaland was behind these Missy tracks because I didn’t want a trademark Timbo beat, but it just goes to show that these two are definitely an unstoppable force.

9th Inning, is a more exciting track, with Missy giving her standard fire flow over a piano based beat, basically pushing aside any of these newcomers. Triple Threat has more of a Timbaland influence, and is a little more repetitive, but still has that Missy flow that we have been waiting 7 years for. Either way, I can finally say that this Missy album will definitely be one to watch, and could very well slay the charts.

Let me not hold you anymore to some actual rap music, listen below!

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