NEW MUSIC: Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie [Ft. Jay-Z]


Finally, the world became right again when the Prince of Pop decided to make his long awaited musical comeback, dropping his 1st single off his next album ‘The 20/20 experience’.

Read and listen below!

‘Suit & Tie’ is definitely what anyone was expecting, starting off with a bit of a slow chopped and screwed feel, then kind of progressing into a more old school vibe. People are comparing his sound to Robin Thicke, but keep in mind Justin Timberlake was the pioneer for this sound, so I don’t understand that. I was going in expecting the best song ever, but of course, I forgot that he hasn’t made music in about 6 years and his sound has definitely changed since the amazing ‘Like I Love You’ and ‘SexyBack’. The difference is Justin is making music because he WANTS to not because he NEEDS to, and it shows in the old school vibe he threw out on this track. I’m glad my idol is back in the business, and I fully believe he will slay everyone with this next album.

‘Suit & Tie’ flows just like a Timberlake track should, with his sexy trademark falsetto over a very smooth beat. I was a bit worried when I heard he was working with Timbaland again, since his recent efforts have been falling short, but I guess what works, works. I’m not sure it needed the added Jay-Z feature, but I can’t complain about it. The music business is missing this on the charts right now, and the fact that it is Justin Timberlake it will chart no matter what. This track is everything and more, and I’m very excited for his next project, as everyone else should be.

In short, the track won’t hit number 1 upon first listen, but it will get there eventually because that’s what it deserves.


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