NEW MUSIC: Union J – Carry You


For those that don’t know who Union J, they are the next big boy band to come from X-Factor UK, and while they do follow in the steps of the hugely successful OneDirection, I fully believe that they have better talent as far as vocal abilities go. That being said, their debut single, ‘Carry You’ falls short from the debut expectation I had for them. I saw them coming with a more soulful pop direction, rather than literally falling the footsteps of OneDirection. This song easily sounds like a 1D song, and I hate to say that because I believe this guys actually have some potential. Putting out songs like this will not make them #1, and I blame their team for that because they should have known that.

Anyway, I’m still going to follow these guys, I’m sure there will be a gem on their album somewhere!

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