NEW MUSIC: Danity Kane – Bye Baby


Danity Kane made quite the impact while under Diddy’s hands, but after a bit of drama between the group and label, they decided to split and go out on their own. ‘Bye Baby’ is not an official single, just a buzz single, but I have to praise them for this. While it is kind of a Daft Punk/Pharrell knock off sound, it is still way better than what I expected. I hope they don’t plan to stay with the funky vibe they have going, while it works for this track, as a group it wouldn’t work. They have been hyping up their release for far too long now, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say, we need an official single and video soon!

In other news, they have recently performed some new material at their latest House of Blues show, titled ‘All In A Days Work‘, which sounds like it could be equally amazing.

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