NEW ARTIST: Alex Vargas

I have just come across the amazing talent, known as Alex Vargas. Thanks to SBTV, and their acoustic session of his cover of John Legend’s ‘Ordinary People’, I have fallen in love. He takes the already amazing track and gives it a very different spin, but effortlessly keeps the soul and maybe even adds a bit more to it. This guy’s vocals are unheard of, and I’m about to dive into everything he has ever made on YouTube, as should you.

According to his twitter, he has an EP coming soon, there is no word on a release date yet, but I will definitely have my eyes open for this!

Enjoy, and watch out world!

I posted some other videos by this amazing talent after the jump, if you wish to check them out!

This is his cover of Florence’s ‘Sweet Nothing’

And this is an original track that I am already in love with called ‘Solid Ground’

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