NEW MUSIC: Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean


Justin Bieber is back.

I have been fighting myself back and fourth on this track, there was so much hype behind it so I was hoping for something life changing. Justin decided to keep it fairly simple, which makes sense considering he is still hitting the charts hard with his Jack U collaboration. I do have to say, I listened to it once it came out and it was stuck in my head for a good amount of time after which is never a bad thing. I guess I was expecting something bigger and better.

It’s a great lead single, and I will be tuning in to the VMA’s to see how he handles performing this single. When it comes down to it, he is Justin Bieber, and he is already breaking itunes records with this track, so this will definitely be a chart topper!

Not a bad start to the new and improved Bieber, so lets see how this turns out!

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