I normally don’t post stuff like this, especially from a show that is on its way out, but I have to say that last years contestant may have saved this whole show. Fleur East was mentored by Simon Cowell in last years edition of X-factor in the UK and fell to number 2 while basic Ben Haenow took the crown. If you don’t read the rest of this post, at least watch the performance and educate yourself on some across the pond talent.

Fleur’s moment to shine begun with her ‘Bang Bang‘ performance at Judges Houses, followed by her performance of ‘Uptown Funk‘ that caused Mark Ronson to release his version of the song earlier than expected in the UK due to the overwhelming success of her version.

With her iconic ‘Uptown Funk’ performance catapulting her into fame, it was only right that her debut single ‘Sax’ was along the same lines. Let me tell you, the first minute of this performance are flawless, that’s not saying that the rest of it drags because that is far from the word I would use for it. There is a moment in that first minute where you can tell that Fleur is here to stay, now I’m not sure how the rest of her singles will do, or how this one will perform but she deserves a number 1 with this performance. She gave it everything and more which is exactly how she needed to come out of the gate.

This single will have no impact in the States for obvious reasons, but it is charting quite well in the UK, I’m not sure if it ever made it to number 1 with all the competition of Justin Bieber, 1D, and Adele.


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