NEW VIDEO: Belly – Might Not [Ft. The Weeknd]

I have no idea who Belly is, he is some Canadian rapper, and that is all my knowledge on him. I’m here for The Weeknd, who recently has lost my interest since he has teamed up with hit maker Max Martin who gave The Weeknd a HUGE hit with, ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’. I feel like he lost something when he became mainstream, that isn’t saying that they aren’t great songs. To this day, ‘High For This’, is one of my favorite songs from him, and that album mixtape was fantastic.

Whoever this rapper is, has managed to bring what I love from The Weeknd back. He doesn’t really hold anything back lyrically, and his flow is definitely a lot closer to his earlier days, which is what I love.

Here is to hoping that The Weeknd takes his money from this album and goes back to his roots.

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