I have done a few artist features in the past, but I would like to keep going and showing you some serious talent. That being said, here is a huge talent that made me instantly try and discover everything musical behind him, Trent Harmon.

As soon as he started singing one of my all time favorite songs, by one of my all time favorite artists, I knew I had to find whatever I could on this guy. Luckily, he had endless amounts of Youtube covers to satisfy my ears. Check out our short feature, and his amazing vocals below!

I haven’t been that into the  talent shows, as of late, but Trent has given me some hope in the final season of American Idol. He has a Youtube channel full of covers of some of my favorite songs, and with a soulful vocal like that, I could absolutely listen to him all day. Trent has my full support, and I really hope he goes far. Either way, we will support a talent like this forever.

If you love what you hear, like I did, check out his full Youtube Channel for more amazing covers.

Good Luck Trent!
Follow him on twitter-@trentWHarmon

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