NEW MUSIC: Rihanna – Work [Ft. Drake]


After MUCH teasing and anticipation, and a short hiatus, Rihanna is back with her “official” single. Now that the album has been released we see that Rihanna didn’t even include “BBHMM” or “FourFiveSeconds” on her full album, which is definitely a smart move on her part.

Take a listen to the track below!

When I first listened to this track, I was highly disappointed. I am a huge Rihanna fan and was expecting nothing less than spectacular for this track, especially after all the hype and buildup that she put behind it.

After resting on it for a day, and listening to it about 30 more times, I see exactly why people freaked out and loved it instantly. The production basically gives this song all the life that it needs, it is sad that we consider that real music these days but that is how it goes.

The lyrics are useless and boring, but fun. It is definitely no, ‘Take Care’ or ‘What’s My Name’. It is a rip off of Rude Boy but a lot worse. If you were expecting something lavish for Rihanna’s return, you won’t find it here, but it is just a regular Rihanna track. It is fun, it is catchy, it has a class Rihanna dancehall vibe that everyone will love. That is it, nothing else to it.

My short rant: Rihanna is a superstar, she has made a huge name for herself and has so many resources behind her. After releasing some iconic songs over the decade, and taking a break to make us miss her, then she comes back with this. If she didn’t hype her own track up that much, it would be just fine, but she put too much into the backing of a track that is just mediocre. I actually don’t see this track lasting long as far as the charts go, once the hype of “Rihanna Returns” dies down a little, so will this track. Rant over.

The album has just been released because of a leak, so I’m going to take a listen to it in full and give my review in whole.

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