NEW COVER: Travis Garland – Should’ve Been Us (Tori Kelly Cover)

It is a very rare thing when someone covers a track and it is on par with the original, and sometimes better. When covering a powerhouse like Tori Kelly, you definitely have to do your own thing because there is no comparison to her vocal ability.

Travis Garland doesn’t stray too far from a melody that made this song what it is. Instead he takes the recent Pop anthem and gives it a haunting R&B switch up, and it surprisingly works. There is something very appealing about his vocals on this track that I haven’t heard from him yet. The video behind the track is simple, and yet brings the track to life even more letting the production take it somewhere else.

I have to admit, I have been following Travis Garland’s career for quite some time, and he has only caught my attention a handful of times. (‘Clouds‘ and “When Does It Go Away“) There is no doubt, he has some vocals on him, and lyrically he has got it.

This is the first video in Garland’s #TGtuesday video series, and I am curious to see what he brings out next week!

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