After following up his smash solo debut, “Pillowtalk”, Zayn gives us his second single off his album, Mind of Mine. The album cover is featured above.

I first heard the song performed live on Jimmy Fallon, and have to admit, he didn’t really sell me at all. The production sounded fantastic, but it felt like it was lacking something vocally. The band and stage kind of made the most of him and he wasn’t really the focus anymore. Soon after, he released the studio version, and I fell in love.

The whole track has remnants of a Frank Ocean track at times, and during the chorus Zayn’s trademark falsetto vocals shine. It is very haunting and mysterious, which is kind of how his image was portrayed throughout his One Direction years.

I’m still here for this mans solo career, although I do think he needs to work on his live vocals. He is still new to the solo scene, there is massive potential there so I really think it will shine. I am also curios to see how he will tour, will it be intimate, or because of his fan-base will he start off in stadiums. 

Take a listen below!

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