NEW MUSIC: Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling


With any Justin Timberlake song, I have to take some time to let it all calm down within me before I can make a non biased post. This man is just king.

Before I start, I am not sure if this track is for the movie only, or if it is a single off his next album which is due out later this year. JT has worked with Pharrell on this track, and you can easily see that as it sounds like “Happy” 2.0. That isn’t the worst thing in the world, because “Happy” did grow on me quite a bit, and ended up smashing the charts.

I was hoping for him to come a little harder with the track, but I can’t complain because I didn’t have to wait 6 years for new music. All of that being said, this track is absolutely perfect for the beginning of summer and it will definitely smash the charts, because it is easily a hit for the airwaves.

This is just the beginning of the Justin Timberlake era, and I’m so ready for all of it. Take a listen below!

This video makes me so happy.

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