NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – I Need Your Love [Ft. Ellie Goulding]

The biggest producer in the past year is getting ready to release what will probably be his biggest selling album of all time, 18 months. Another single coming straight off that project has featured vocals from the amazing Ellie Goulding, and while this isn’t my favorite track in the entire world, It is pretty good. Calvin Harris is pulling out all the stops on this album, first enlisting Florence, and now Ellie. This song will definitely be huge when it gains exposure, so enjoy it now before it gets played out!

NEW VIDEO: Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing [Ft. Florence Welch]

Super producer of the moment, Calvin Harris, gives his soon to be smash single ‘Sweet Nothing’ visual treatment. The ever so talented Florence Welch looks stunning, even with the slack back, boy-ish looking hair, and her voice sounds just as good. The charts are going to eat up this track as soon as it gets some more exposure.

NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing [Ft. Florence Welch]

Calvin Harris teams up with the amazing Florence Welch to create the masterpiece known as ‘Sweet Nothing’. Calvin Harris previously remixed ‘Spectrum’ which took over the UK airwaves, and now is back with this smash hit that is just waiting to be played out. Calvin Harris steps away from the repetitive hard hitting dance beat we are used to hearing, and gives it a more chill vibe as Florence adds her amazing vocals on top of a perfectly made song. It is only a matter of time before this track gets played every where possible, so enjoy it now before you hate it.

NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – We’ll Be Coming Back [Ft. Example]

Super DJ of the moment, Calvin Harris drops his second single featuring UK talent Example titled ‘We’ll Be Coming Back’. Calvin has really been on top of his game lately, slaying the charts with Rihanna and Ne-yo, and now he plans to do it again with Example. This definitely won’t hit off in the USA because very few know Examples work, but it’s definitely going to be a hit in the UK.

Definitely not as hard hitting and dance based as ‘Where Have You Been’ or ‘Lets Go’, but still worth the listen, enjoy!

NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – Let’s Go [Ft. Ne-Yo]

‘We Found Love’ hit-maker Calvin Harris is back with another club anthem with R&B singer Ne-Yo titled ‘Let’s Go’. Definitely not as good as ‘We Found Love’ but seeing as I am big Calvin Harris fan, I’m really liking this track. Although Ne-Yo could easily be replaced with any singer and it would probably sound a lot better, but if your looking for a mindless dance track with a nice, smooth beat, this will definitely give you your fill.