NEW MUSIC: Normani x Calvin Harris- Slow Down & Checklist


This is the moment we have been waiting for. While we loved Fifth Harmony, we always kept an eye on Normani. When the group announced they were taking a hiatus to work on solo projects, we got even more excited. Normani stunned us with her feature on Khalid’s “Love Lies“, and not to mention THAT performance!

Normani finally drops her first 2 solo tracks in a collaboration with Calvin Harris. They both have such a different feel, but they both absolutely work for her. “Slow Down” give us “Slide” vibes, but fit for the winter. “Checklist” is definitely more the island vibe, which we are already ready to see the video for!

We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us to end out the year! Normani has a huge 2019 headed her way!!

Take a listen below!


NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa – One Kiss


Calvin Harris just created a huge summer jam with the amazing Dua Lipa. “One Kiss” gives us some seriously good 90’s house vibes with it’s infectious bass hitting melody.

Calvin is definitely taking a different turn from his previous hits from the Funk Wav era, and we aren’t mad at it. This is going be a track heard all summer and we love seeing some more recognition for Dua Lipa! She is an all around pop-star and anything with her name on it is a win from us!

Take a listen below!

NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – Slide [Ft. Frank Ocean & Migos]


Calvin Harris has been killing the game lately, from releasing to the smash of last year “This is What You Came For” to now releasing the track of the summer, “Slide”. I was a bit hesitant when I heard that Migos was an added feature, but I have to say they killed it.

Frank ocean smoothly coasts over the disco fused production. This track is easily the perfect recipe for a chart takeover. Calvin Harris recently put out a statement to say that uplifting music is missing from the world, and vows to bring it back. “Slide” being the perfect example of that.


NEW MUSIC: John Newman – Ole [Ft. Calvin Harris]


The summer anthems have been getting better and better, this time we get one from the crooner, John Newman. The production comes from man of the moment, Calvin Harris, and I have to say he hits the nail on the head.

John Newman gives us the perfect feel good track to chill and drink to. It is hard to tell what direction he is going with this new sound for his new album, but let’s just hope it sounds as good as this.

Take a listen below!



With the new month coming in, I bring you new talent that goes by the name of MiC LOWRY.

I stumbled on these guys recently and was instantly hooked while I watched cover after cover of everything from Calvin Harris to Dru Hill. With a musical knowledge as wide as theirs, you can already expect some serious talent coming from this five-some.

From left to right (pictured above) Michael, Delleile, Ben, Kaine,  and Akia make up this talented five-some. It is a rare thing today to find a group, let alone an all male group. The charts are eating up the all female groups, but I think it is about time for some all male groups to rule the charts for a little bit.

Each one of them has so much talent, and their harmonies are just spot on, they draw my ears in with each second of every cover. I included one of my favorite covers from them below, and after the jump is way more on these talents if it sparks your interest as much as it did mine!

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NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For [Ft. Rihanna]


The duo that created the smash, “We Found Love”, is back for another summer time feel good song with, “This Is What You Came For”. This is the perfect time for both of them to release a collaboration like this, they are both very relevant right now, with Rihanna just releasing Anti, and Calvin Harris fresh off the success of “How Deep Is Your Love”.

I have to admit, this is definitely no “We Found Love”, but I think it will work. It all just sounds so basic and under produced to be able to compete with the charts right now. It is a good track, but I don’t see it doing well for too long, it will obviously chart because of the star power on the track but other than that it is just kind of there.

With Kesha and Zedd releasing a SMASH, this track should have brought a lot more to the table, and didn’t quite make it.

Take a listen below and let me know what you think!

JUST LISTEN: Maverick Sabre Cover’s ‘Summer’ by Calvin Harris

Maverick Sabre’s debut album Lonely Are The Brave, was one of my favorites of 2012, and while he is slowly prepping his comeback, we get to listen to this amazing cover. Maverick soulfully mashes up the 2 biggest hits of the summer, Calvin Harris’ ‘Summer’ and John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ into one track. I love everything about this, and it just reminds us of how talented this man is vocally. I look forward to hearing this mans follow up album, because it is sure to be on repeat just like his debut is.

NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – I Need Your Love [Ft. Ellie Goulding]

The biggest producer in the past year is getting ready to release what will probably be his biggest selling album of all time, 18 months. Another single coming straight off that project has featured vocals from the amazing Ellie Goulding, and while this isn’t my favorite track in the entire world, It is pretty good. Calvin Harris is pulling out all the stops on this album, first enlisting Florence, and now Ellie. This song will definitely be huge when it gains exposure, so enjoy it now before it gets played out!

NEW VIDEO: Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing [Ft. Florence Welch]

Super producer of the moment, Calvin Harris, gives his soon to be smash single ‘Sweet Nothing’ visual treatment. The ever so talented Florence Welch looks stunning, even with the slack back, boy-ish looking hair, and her voice sounds just as good. The charts are going to eat up this track as soon as it gets some more exposure.

NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing [Ft. Florence Welch]

Calvin Harris teams up with the amazing Florence Welch to create the masterpiece known as ‘Sweet Nothing’. Calvin Harris previously remixed ‘Spectrum’ which took over the UK airwaves, and now is back with this smash hit that is just waiting to be played out. Calvin Harris steps away from the repetitive hard hitting dance beat we are used to hearing, and gives it a more chill vibe as Florence adds her amazing vocals on top of a perfectly made song. It is only a matter of time before this track gets played every where possible, so enjoy it now before you hate it.