NEW MUSIC: Pitbull – Feel This Moment [Ft. Christina Aguilera] + Have Some Fun [Ft. The Wanted & Afrojack]

This post is mainly for the Christina Aguilera feature, because I have never really been a pitbull fan especially since he ruined that Michael Jackson remake. While Christina Aguilera remains to have one of the most amazing vocals of our generation, she doesn’t suite well over a dance track. I can definitely see this track gaining some success, because pitbull does have the beats to back up his so called ‘rap’ that no one can ever understand. Christina does sound amazing as ever, and who knows, maybe once I hear this track over and over again I will start to like it.

Pitbull has also collaborated with The Wanted, which has a very powerful beat, which is much more catchy than this song. The song samples Sheryl Crow’s ‘All I Wanna Do’ in the chorus, followed by a heavy beat breakdown that will also rule the charts.

For those that like this, Pitbull’s album Global Warning is due out November 16th.

NEW MUSIC: Christina Aguilera – Your Body (Explicit Version)

I posted the low quality of this single recently, but I just came across what is being said is not the final version, but to me sounds very close to it. Christina Aguilera sounds amazing as ever, and I’m hoping for her to have a hit with this one. Once the ‘Final’ version comes out, I’ll give it a post too, but for those who can’t wait for all that, this version is good enough! Enjoy!