NEW VIDEO: MNEK – Every Little Word

Been a huge fan of MNEK since his debut on the scene, and every track he has put out since then has been pure fire. MNEK is now releasing his own material and breaking out as a solo act, and ‘Every Little Word’ is the perfect start to that. It has summer vibes all over it, and very well could be one of my favorite tracks of the year. MNEK is a force to be reckoned with, and I am very excited to see what else he puts out for us!

one to watch.

NEW MUSIC: MNEK – Every Little Word



One of my favorites MNEK has arrived, and powerfully might I add. ‘Every Little Word’ is guaranteed a smash hit, maybe not in the USA but definitely in the UK.┬áThis track definitely has an old school pop vibe that goes along with it mixed with a little funk. There is so much going on it is hard to just listen to it just once. MNEK will definitely be a huge success very soon, and I’m excited to hear what he has coming up in the future, and definitely looking forward to that debut album because I have wanted it for a while now.