NEW MUSIC: Katy Perry – Bon Appetit [Ft. Migos]


After taking quite the hiatus, Katy Perry has finally returned!

She first gave us the politically charged disco anthem, “Chained to the Rhythm” which I have to admit is still on heavy rotation. Now she gives us the Migos assisted track which she has been teasing all week, “Bon Appetit”.

The track definitely has a different vibe from “Chained” but I have to admit I’m definitely feeling it way more upon first few listens. The track is kind of a giant build-up, with each chorus giving us more and more until Migos jumps in right before the last synth-pop heavy chorus.

This track will definitely take over the airwaves with the catchy lyrics and heavy pop influenced beat.

Take a listen below!

NEW MUSIC: Katy Perry – Roar


Hot off the heels of Lady Gaga making her comeback, Katy Perry attempts to follow up with her new single ‘Roar’. There really isn’t too much behind this single as a whole, its not show stopping, and its not the worst. It will get airplay because it’s Katy Perry, but as far as progression goes, it fails. Katy Perry should be doing much better especially now that she has timed her comeback with GaGa’s. As far as comeback singles go, GaGa definitely wins this time.

Also, that single cover is horrible.