NEW VIDEO: Full Crate & Mar – Man x Woman

The duo has finally returned, and in full force might I add, with their new single ‘Man x Woman’. The duo took a little hiatus to work on solo projects, but I am so glad to hear them back together, because I love this track. Mar sounds as sexy as ever over the smooth Full Crate beat. The two have recently signed on to Island Records, so I assume we will hearing even bigger things from them sooner than later.

Loving everything about this!

NEW MUSIC: Full Crate & Mar – Nobody Else


One of my favorite duo’s in the past couple of years has returned to make more eargasmic music. Full Crate & Mar each took a short break while creating some amazing solo projects, and now return together with a new sound. ‘Nobody Else’ is definitely more influenced on the underground dance scene that is quickly becoming more popular every where else in the world with the helps of Disclosure. ‘Nobody Else’ is less soulful but still flows with Mar’s sexy vocals. This track is pure greatness, and I always look forward to what these 2 can come up with next!

NEW MUSIC: Lazare Hoche – Pressure Baby [Ft. Mar]

Soul/R&B singer Mar, is featured on some chill type/house greatness titled ‘Pressure Baby’. Mar’s vocals are amazing, and his solo work and work with Full Crate are eargasmic. I have loved everything Mar has put out, and this just got added to the list!

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a snippet, or if that’s how the song is supposed to end, but I’ll keep an eye out for the full version if there is one!

NEW EP: Mar – Seeing Her Naked

Earlier this year, one of my favorite singers of the moment, Mar, dropped his debut track off the Seeing Her Naked EP. Now the whole thing is out in full!

Mar never fails to impress me, and this short EP is just perfection. The vocals are smooth and fit perfectly over every baby making beat. Mar has talent for days, and there isn’t much else to say except listen and educate yourself on this guy, he is going to be big one day!

Take a listen below!

NEW MUSIC: Mar – Our Attempt

good gosh, you might need a change of clothes after listening to this masterpiece!
Mar has quickly grown to being one of my favorite artists, with his soulful voice and sexy beats, he could easily win over anyone. His work with Full Crate just set it in stone with me, and now he is back with a new EP titled Seeing Her Naked which is due out later this month

This track is everything to my ears right now, so just listen, and enjoy.
then do your car/mp3 player a favor and download it for free via Soundcloud!


NEW MUSIC: Full Crate & Mark Pritchard – Dangle

One of my favorite producers of last year Full Crate has teamed up with Mark Pritchard to come up with this seriously amazing track titled Dangle. I first discovered Full Crate, in his similar AMAZING work with London singer/songwriter Mar. It seriously doesn’t get much better than this, so just take a listen below and enjoy a FREE download from soundcloud!

thanks to Pinboard for this!