NEW VIDEO: Melanie Fiona – This Time [Ft. J. Cole]

Definitely one of the most underrated artists of our generation, Melanie Fiona releases her next video for the J. Cole assisted track. I love Melanie Fiona, always have, always will, she is so different and pretty much anyone who appreciates the art of music will tell you how underrated she is. Such a talent, she will get her recognition in due time.

NEW MUSIC: Melanie Fiona – Running [Ft. Nas]

why Melanie Fiona hasn’t become a worldwide superstar, I’ll never understand. She has everything anyone could ever want, but anyway, let me focus on this song.

Melanie belts that smooth soulful voice out over a very old school soulful beat, accompanied by Rap legend Nas, this song is very good. That being said, I haven’t heard anything outstanding from her new album just yet. That may be the reason she hasn’t blown up just yet, her music is just average. Her vocals are absolutely amazing though, and I hope she gets her big break soon, she deserves it so much.

The track is definitely worth a repeat though, so take a listen and decide for yourself below!

NEW MUSIC: Melanie Fiona – This Time [Ft. J.Cole]

Amazing vocalist, Melanie Fiona has released what is rumored to be her next single off her upcoming album. To be fair, Melanie’s MF Life album isn’t sounding to hot, the track ‘4AM‘ is just alright and the rest of the leaks have been the same, but this track does bring a little life back to it. J. Cole is a perfect rapper for a beat like this, and Melanie’s vocals fit right next to his. Let’s hope the album doesn’t sound like a repeat of her last album.

Take a listen: