FREE ALBUM: Nina Sky – Nicole & Natalie

If your a regular vistor to the site, you know that I have loved every track this duo has released over the past year. They have really switched up their style and I think it fits so perfectly. I haven’t given this album a listen just yet, but the two tracks off it, ‘Day Dreaming’ and ‘Heartbeat’ (which has a video for it, but it doesn’t do justice to the song so I won’t post it) were absolute perfection, so I don’t doubt that the album will be any less. The best part about it, its free so you should probably give it a try regardless. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

NEW MUSIC: Nina Sky – Heartbeat

Nina Sky is back with their 2nd single off their second album, Nicole & Natalie due out the end of July. This is a more upbeat song than we have recently heard, but when I say upbeat, I don’t mean ‘Move Your Body’ upbeat, its more of a trance feel, and I have to say is awesome! I love this new sound and feel they have going and they haven’t done any wrong yet, so I’m anticipating this new album to be amazing!

Take a listen below and get a free download from soundcloud!

NEW MUSIC: Nina Sky- Day Dreaming

Nina SkyRemember Nina Sky? yeah well they are coming back stronger than ever with an all new vibe, and I love every bit of it. There most recent collaboration with Creep was definitely one of my big tracks of last year, and now they are back with a smoother R&B vibe track. Day Dreaming is a mix of trance and r&b, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them, check it!

(Free download from soundcloud)