NEW VIDEO: Years & Years – Sanctify

One of our ALL time favorites is finally back with new music! Years & Years dropped their debut single, Sanctify, off their second album yesterday and it is a smash!

The music video is set in Palo Santo, where we see frontman Olly Alexander giving the audition of his life. We aren’t really sure why or what is going on, but we can’t stop watching it! This seems to be part 1 in the series so I’m sure we will find out more.

We have been waiting for Years & Years to release music, and now it is finally here we can’t wait to hear more from them!



NEW VIDEO: Years & Years – Worship

The best thing I can do with this video is leave it here for you to watch.

I have to take a moment to really give Years & Years some credit. Pop music is missing depth and lyrics lately, but front runner Olly Alexander, has been able to give that back to the music. There is a lot to be said about this video and what it stands for, and it is difficult to put into words, but there is a fantastic interview with the creators and Olly about the whole thing.

Olly had a very meaningful quote in the article that stood out, and I will leave that below. Just watch the video and appreciate the art that is coming back through music.

“We’re all more alike than we are different, but we are multidimensional and sometimes I feel there’s not enough room in the mainstream to express that.” -Olly Alexander