NEW VIDEO: Plan B – Ill Manors

Plan B is definitely coming back harder this time, with his video for his track ‘Ill Manors’ he takes hits at the recent London Riots. With some intense footage of the riots, as well as other incedients, Plan B provides kind of a rebellious sort of tune to follow all of it. Don’t let that take away from the message of the song.

Plan B explains that he made the song to bring the riots back into the public eye, to prevent it from happening again. He is pretty much looking for a change out of people with this track, and maybe it will get enough attention to be able to at least stir up some conversation about it.

NEW MUSIC: Plan B- Ill Manor

Plan B is back!!!

After releasing arguably one of the best albums of 2010, The Defamation of Strickland Banks, which was also a huge UK chart success, with one of the biggest songs of that album being ‘She Said‘, he has released ‘Ill Manor’ of his same name titled album due out this year.

Ditching the soulful, pop, top 40 sounds he was working with on his last album, this track is hard hitting with a bit of a grime feel towards it. I love everything about this track, and I think it’s definitely genius. Chart wise, I’m not sure if people will warm up to it like they did his previous album, but I think it will find it’s place on the UK charts. Definitely not in America though seeing as we are all about Dance music at the moment, but anyway

Take a listen below:

thanks to Pinboard for the heads up