NEW MUSIC: Roses Gabor – Rush

Roses Gabor gained my attention with her spectacular track titled ‘Stars‘, and while I don’t think this has quite the impact that ‘Stars’ did, this is more on the soulful and smooth side. Roses Gabor sounds sexy over this MNEK produced beat, and we can’t really hate on anything he has done, right? Anyway, just take a listen to this, and if it doesn’t sell you, check out ‘Stars’ because it will.

NEW VIDEO: Roses Gabor – Stars

Definitely one of my favorite tracks of this month gets it’s equally amazing visuals. Roses Gabor just recently popped up on my radar, and although this is only her debut single, she has already moved close to the top of my artist list. I don’t think the US is ready for her yet, but I do see her getting a lot of underground attention and soon she will shoot to fame like she deserves. ‘Stars’ is still on replay and will remain that way!

Watch out!

NEW MUSIC: Roses Gabor – Stars

UK talent, Roses Gabor has definitely moved into one of my ones to watch spots after releasing the amazing ‘Stars’. I heard this track a couple of days ago, but was being a bit stingy and keeping it to myself before deciding that a song this good needed to be heard. This is her debut solo single, and what a way to start off. She keeps a very haunting sound yet it has a bit of a underground dance/club vibe towards it. Watch out for this talent, she will be a big one soon!