NEW MUSIC: Mary J. Blige – Nobody But You


I have to admit, The London Sessions is churning out some hits, including this track tittled ‘Nobody But You’. While this isn’t as strong as ‘Right Now’, I love that The Queen is doing something different and doing it very well. She is stepping up from all other Divas in today’s industry, and changing the game entirely, being a step ahead of everyone else. This track is still great, and keeps the same kind of disclosure sound and has Mary J. belting over the dance floor beat.

I can’t wait to hear the album in its entirety!

NEW MUSIC: Mary J. Blige – Whole Damn Year


I can’t stress how much Mary J. is about to kill the game.

With the previous release of the masterpiece ‘Right Now’, she releases a much more emotional side to her next EP The London Sessions. ‘Whole Damn Year’ has Mary J. written all over it, and yet the production is different, which can be credited to the talented people she has been working with. Everything about this is amazing, and I stated it as soon as I heard ‘Right Now’, Mary J. is changing the game, and everyone better watch out.