NEW MUSIC: Brandy & Monica- It All Belongs To Me

It All Belongs To Me

The duo is back! I have been a little skeptical on them having another duo again, since ‘The Boy Is Mine‘ is seriously iconic. They have been hinting at this duo for quite some time now, and it has finally come together enlisting Rico Love to produce the recreation, take a listen below:

You definitely can’t knock the vocal abilities of both of them, but as far as iconic duets going, this definitely doesn’t compare to ‘The Boy Is Mine’. After a couple of listens, this doesn’t even leave an impact on me. It’s really just a standard R&B duet, and Brandy & Monica are definitely NOT just your average! I’m highly disappointed, even more so because the hype was so big. The track is definitely just the safe way out and these 2 could have DEFINITELY done way better than that.

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