NEW MUSIC: Brandy – Magic (Coldplay Cover)

Brandy promo

One of my all time favorite vocalists is getting ready to grace us with a new LP for our ears. In the meantime, she has decided to cover, probably one of the most covered songs as of recently, Coldplay’s ‘Magic’. While I’m not a fan of the original, the immense amounts of covers that I have heard have made me a fan of the song itself, and Brandy’s soulful attempt is no exception. She takes it to a smoother level with her amazing vocals, and keeps it very simple.

Brandy may not be doing that well commercially, but there is no denying how unique and amazing her vocal abilities are, and I will always be a fan of her no matter what.

NEW VIDEO: Brandy – Wildest Dreams

Brandy tries to break the charts with her release of ‘Wildest Dreams’, which has actually grown on me quite a bit and now I love it. Brandy is hard to pin in the music industry. I believe that she has the full package, but she is lacking the team behind her. Her Two-Eleven album was actually pretty good. Not saying its her best by far, but from what she has put out in albums before, it’s definitely better. The problem is that right now, there is no space for her in the market. She will have her time again, if not with this album, it will happen soon.

Here’s to hoping that ‘Slower‘ becomes a single, because I definitely believe that has potential all around.

NEW MUSIC: Brandy – Put It Down [Ft. Chris Brown]

After premiering her ‘Behind The Music’ on VH1 last night, she tries to build off the hype by releasing her solo single ‘Put It Down’ featuring Chris Brown.

I have always been a Brandy fan, because I think her vocals are definitely underrated, and she still was part of the iconic duet ‘The Boy Is Mine’. Now trying to keep it modern, she already failed with her return duet with Monica, ‘It All Belongs To Me’ now she tries to make it solo. This song is just alright, there is nothing iconic about it, like there should be from the long wait. It will get eaten up by radio plays, and definitely the general public will like it, and the added Chris Brown feature doesn’t hurt gain some fans either. As far as the track as a whole goes, it just doesn’t do anything astounding for me. It’s good, not good enough.

The artwork is so bad, I’m not sure what she was trying to do with that either.

take a listen!

NEW MUSIC: Brandy & Monica- It All Belongs To Me

It All Belongs To Me

The duo is back! I have been a little skeptical on them having another duo again, since ‘The Boy Is Mine‘ is seriously iconic. They have been hinting at this duo for quite some time now, and it has finally come together enlisting Rico Love to produce the recreation, take a listen below:

You definitely can’t knock the vocal abilities of both of them, but as far as iconic duets going, this definitely doesn’t compare to ‘The Boy Is Mine’. After a couple of listens, this doesn’t even leave an impact on me. It’s really just a standard R&B duet, and Brandy & Monica are definitely NOT just your average! I’m highly disappointed, even more so because the hype was so big. The track is definitely just the safe way out and these 2 could have DEFINITELY done way better than that.