Artist Spotlight: Mike Hough

First discovered Mike Hough just stumbling around on youtube, and immediately fell in love with his vocals. I did some more research at the time and all he had was youtube covers at the time but that has changed quite a lot. This guy is definitely one to watch out for mixing the likes of pop, soul, and R&B, his tracks have definitely have been worthy of the small itunes fee. With inspirations like Adele & Beyonce you can definitely hear their sound on the tracks he creates, but still adds his own touch to it.  His vocals are definitely unique and fit well over a smooth R&B track and even a massive pop track. Watch out for this guy in the coming months, and next year!

Read more below!

Mike has released 2 pretty big tracks since his youtube days, ‘Hero‘ and ‘Nothing To Lose’, both are massive pop tracks that easily fit on the radio. He has gained quite a bit of radio play from BBC Radio 1xtra, and has gained enough reputation to earn him a MOBO nomination, and even recognition of artists he has previously covered such as Jessie J. More recently he has done a session at the famous Maida Vale studios in which he performed his upcoming single ‘Get Gone’ which can be heard below along with his most recent single ‘Nothing To Lose’.

This guy is definitely going somewhere, and I just hope people here in the USA catch on to talent, because he is going to be a big one. There is no sign of an album that I know of yet, but his next track ‘Get Gone’ is going to be released on April 1st.

Check out his official Youtube Channel, and listen to his amazing covers too!

‘Get Gone’ (Live from Maida Vale)

‘Nothing To Lose’


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