NEW MUSIC: Justin Beiber – Boyfriend

First, I am in no way shape or form part of the ‘Beliebers’ and so this review is strictly from a fan of music.

Probably one of the biggest moves in The Biebs career is going to be how to transition from teen pop, to his adult genre. He has dropped many features with the likes of Drake, Usher and Busta. He has rapped countless times in many radio stations, and so we all thought he was going to go more R&B with his next album. This new single ‘Boyfriend’ was compared to the non-existent legend that is Justin Timberlake. With that comparison I was a bit hesitant to listen to this track.

read some more, and listen below!

After giving it a couple of spins, I definitely could see why the average compare it to a JT track, although the chorus is the only thing that is somewhat close to that. This track isn’t something Timberlake would release, but he is stepping the right direction. He starts it off with a little rap verse, and then follows through the track with a couple of breakdown verses. To this day I have yet to hear a Biebs track on the radio, and I hate to say it, but this might do it.

As much as I thought this guy’s career is going to end in the next couple of years and the hype was going to end, I don’t see him going anywhere, anytime soon. His album is supposed to have some big features from Diplo, Drake, and Timbaland, so it could be quite big.

The track itself is your standard R&B/Pop mix, and it is very catchy, I don’t see myself blasting it in the car with no shame, but it might be a grower. I see what he is doing with the rap verses, and mixing it with the pop chorus. It definitely appeals to both age groups, although the rap verses are a bit weak, I still give him a lot of credit. I do extremely dislike the ‘Swag’ reference, since that word has been so overdone, but I give him SO much props for not releasing a Dance/pop record because we all know his mentor easily could have pushed him in that direction, and it definitely would have failed. I was expecting something a bit bigger, for all the hype, but this is smooth.

all in all, I give this track about a 6 or 7 (I haven’t decided yet) out of 10.
to be fair, I would have given his entire other albums about a 1 out of 10, so this is a big step for me

I guess he is proving me wrong

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