NEW MUSIC: Justin Bieber – Friends [Ft. BloodPop]


Justin Bieber has been away from the solo game for about 2 years after his smash album Purpose produced #1 after #1. Now he returns, attempting to dethrone himself from the top spot with “Friends”. It is written by the Biebs himself along with Julia Michaels and Bloodpop (Who had a hand in “Sorry”, one of Biebers biggest tracks of his career)

“Friends” falls a little short for me, it’s a generic pop track that could have been a throw away from his Purpose era. It isn’t terrible, but after all the bangers we have gotten from him over the past year or so, I expected much more.

I’m sure it will grow on me, like any generic pop song, but he could have done much better with this one.

Take a listen below!


NEW MUSIC/VIDEO – DJ Khaled – I’m The One [Ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne]

DJ Khaled has definitely given us a song for the summer with this one! “I’m the One” is star studded giving us verses from Quavo from Migos, Wayne, the legendary Chance the Rapper, and Justin Bieber smashing the hook!

The video is pretty basic, but it definitely sets the scene for the track for sure. Summer vibes all around on this one, and it is an absolute banger! DJ Khaled has given us some pretty amazing tracks this year, and only more to come! Rumor has it he has a Rihanna collab coming titled, “Grateful”, so be on the lookout for that soon!

Meanwhile, press repeat on this track!


MiC LOWRY has really been on the grind as of late, as they are currently touring the UK on Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” tour. Their Popularity has skyrocketed, as it should, for them, and a few days ago they released the video for their smash single, “Oh Lord”.

I love everything about these guys, and “Oh Lord” is such a banger, from the production to the Phil Collins sample. We did a more in-depth feature on them if you want to check that out, but other than that, just press play above!

NEW MUSIC: Major Lazer – Cold Water [Justin Bieber & MØ]


Major Lazer has given us yet another smash. They enlist superstar Justin Bieber and MØ, who was one of the talents on their previous smash, “Lean On”. “Cold Water” was written by Benny Blanco and Ed Sheeran and you can definitely hear their influences throughout the track.

We are all used to hearing Major Lazer with some hard hitting summer smashes, but they decide to tone it down with this one and I think it is perfection. While Justin Bieber sounds fantastic on this track, I believe that MØ stole the show on this one. Although her part is short, the quirky and unique vocals are perfectly fitting over this track.

“Cold Water” is a fresh and new take from what we have been hearing on the radio these days. Major Lazer has been churning out the bangers and whenever they decide to release their next album, I see great things happening for them.

NEW VIDEO: Leroy Sanchez & Jessica Sanchez – The Feeling (Justin Bieber Cover)

My favorite cover king, Leroy Sanchez, is back and stronger than ever, this time with the very talented Jessica Sanchez (Idol season 11 runner up). This time Leroy and Jessica give us their spin on one of my favorite cuts from Justin Bieber’s album, Purpose, “The Feeling”.

We featured Leroy on our Artist Spotlight feature for March, and this cover definitely backs up our reason behind it. Leroy and Jessica’s vocals flow so effortlessly together, and while this isn’t the first duet they have done, this is my favorite.

Anyway, enough of my rant about their talent. Check out the video, and our Artist Spotlight series for more information!

NEW MUSIC: Jack Ü – Where Are Ü Now [Ft. Justin Bieber]



After hearing the Missy cut from the much anticipated Jack U album, we get another taste with this Justin Bieber collaboration. It is a very strange collaboration, but I have to say it works quite well, Justin pours his heart out on an almost hypnotizing beat and it works great. After hearing both cuts from the album, I am pretty excited to hear this in whole, I have been a fan of both Skrillex and Diplo for quite some time so I don’t think they will disappoint with this one!

NEW VIDEO: Justin Bieber – Confident [Ft. Chance The Rapper ]

Hot off the heels of his DUI arrest, and now the petition to deport him back to Canada, he still manages to release his new video ‘Confident’, featuring Chance The Rapper. I have mixed feelings about the way The Biebs is going in his career, he released a couple of decent tracks a while back with his new R&B vibe, but his attitude and all other things have made him come off as an arrogant kid.

UPDATE: I love this song, and eat all my words

NEW MUSIC: Michael Jackson – Slave To The Rhythm [Ft. Justin Bieber]


I have been waiting a couple of days to post this song, on the one fact that I didn’t know if I liked it or not. I have come to the conclusion, that I have still don’t know, and I have listened to it about 30 times. King MJ sounds unbelievable, and I miss that raspy, hard hitting vocal range he gave to us. Biebs actually sounds quite good too even though I have never been the biggest fan of his.

I guess when it comes down to it, I kind of like it maybe just on the fact that its Michael Jackson and it doesn’t sound like a terrible remake of something that Sony is putting out just to make money. On the other hand I dislike it, because the song could have been so much better without bieber, and just left as an MJ track. I don’t know why or who this song was made for, but it’s here and I have to respect the music for what it is.

NEW MUSIC: Justin Bieber – You Want Me


Alright, I haven’t been the BIGGEST Biebs fan, but slowly but surely he is proving me wrong, which I have no problem with. I’m not sure if this track is off his forthcoming album or what, but I have to admit this is a little bit of a sexy smooth song. It has its Timberlake elements, and also at times sounds like the song should be sung by a boy band. After a couple of listens though it does stay in your head, and although there isn’t much going on lyrically, I have to say if this is the next step in his career, he could be doing all the right things. That being said, it does sound A LOT like a Timberlake track, which wouldn’t be a problem at all if the king wasn’t making his comeback this year.

All the best of luck Biebs!