NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up (Prod. Benny Benassi)

A little slow on this post, but I just never gave it the time to listen to it. Now that I have, I have to say Chris Brown & Benassi is a pretty awesome combination. With this track off his upcoming album Fortune, he rides the Benassi dance beat once again. I absolutely loved ‘Beautiful People’ and while this is definitely not as good, it does have a certain quality that I can’t get away from.

Chris shows off his auto-tune skills, which is the only bad part about it, but the beat makes up for that. Just another fun club/dance song to throw in to the mix.Fortuneis shaping up to be a pretty random album, and while the tracks have mostly been a miss, some of them have grown (“Turn Up The Music”), and I’m sure this one will be a pretty big hit too.

Take a listen below!

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