NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown – New Flame [Ft. Usher & Rick Ross]



Coming back stronger than ever, Chris Brown releases a very hot (no pun intended) new single titled ‘New Flame’. After smashing his performance at the BET awards earlier tonight, he graces us with new music, that honestly could have done without Rick Ross. This new single is definitely on par with Usher’s ‘Good Kisser’, and he is hopefully done with all his antics and will start to focus on his career more because this kid has the talent to be the best.

While it still isn’t life changing, its a very good start, and I look forward to the video and more from this era of music from him!

NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown – Mirage [Ft. Nas]

While “R&B” singer Chris Brown continues to churn out dance tracks for the money, he still occasionally releases quite a gem, and this is one of them. ‘Mirage’ features the legend Nas, and is absolutely amazing. The beat fits over Chris’s vocals and the added feature from Nas is just as good.  I seriously wish he would go back to his beginning roots and pull some R&B tracks out again, but that is long gone. For now we just have to deal with the occasional track that will get no kind of exposure. Oh well.

NEW MUSIC: Joelle James – Fading Away [Ft. Chris Brown]

I have never heard of Joelle James, but apparently she was on American Idol and didn’t quite make it. I was skeptical on listening to this song, because of her American Idol background, but she has completely proved me wrong in all aspects. Joelle James has a sexy tone, kind of like Rihanna, but way better. She sings over a just as sexy beat, and I’m pretty much in love with her. The added, yet weird, feature of Chris Brown is also nice, It really didn’t need him, since she holds the track down on her own. I hope she blows up, because this track is so worth it!


2012 Billboard Music Award Performances

This year was definitely interesting as far as performances go. The trend of female slayers continues, as both Carrie Underwood and Nelly Furtado took the awards for best performances. Goodie Mob definitely gave some points to the guys performances by slaying the EPIC ‘Fight To Win’ track, aside from the awkward one legged dancer they had.

While Justin Bieber is still trying to make ‘swaggie’ happen and Usher, while putting on a decent performance, is still promoting his Street Fighter dance track ‘Scream’. Chris Brown mimes the whole song while putting on a amazing dance number, but lets be honest, we have seen what he can do and we would like him to progress a little more.

Check out the performances below!

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NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up (Prod. Benny Benassi)

A little slow on this post, but I just never gave it the time to listen to it. Now that I have, I have to say Chris Brown & Benassi is a pretty awesome combination. With this track off his upcoming album Fortune, he rides the Benassi dance beat once again. I absolutely loved ‘Beautiful People’ and while this is definitely not as good, it does have a certain quality that I can’t get away from.

Chris shows off his auto-tune skills, which is the only bad part about it, but the beat makes up for that. Just another fun club/dance song to throw in to the mix.Fortuneis shaping up to be a pretty random album, and while the tracks have mostly been a miss, some of them have grown (“Turn Up The Music”), and I’m sure this one will be a pretty big hit too.

Take a listen below!

NEW MUSIC: Brandy – Put It Down [Ft. Chris Brown]

After premiering her ‘Behind The Music’ on VH1 last night, she tries to build off the hype by releasing her solo single ‘Put It Down’ featuring Chris Brown.

I have always been a Brandy fan, because I think her vocals are definitely underrated, and she still was part of the iconic duet ‘The Boy Is Mine’. Now trying to keep it modern, she already failed with her return duet with Monica, ‘It All Belongs To Me’ now she tries to make it solo. This song is just alright, there is nothing iconic about it, like there should be from the long wait. It will get eaten up by radio plays, and definitely the general public will like it, and the added Chris Brown feature doesn’t hurt gain some fans either. As far as the track as a whole goes, it just doesn’t do anything astounding for me. It’s good, not good enough.

The artwork is so bad, I’m not sure what she was trying to do with that either.

take a listen!

NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown – Get Money

Personal life aside, Chris Brown has just released a track from somewhere titled ‘Get Money’. He definitely ditched the top 40 dance generic dance radio format for this tune, but adapted a generic hip hop/hard hitting rap beat to it. Chris throws down rhymes over the beat, and ditches his vocal riffs. It’s definitely not my favorite track from him, but it’s not the worst either. Personally, I like to see him more on this side of music, than the sell out dance music that he makes, although I have to admit I do kind of like, more so for the beats though. Anyway, if this is from his upcoming album then I’m not really sure what direction he is going in, since he previously released ‘Turn Up The Music‘.

Anyway, take a listen below and see what you think!

Shouts to Pinboard for the track!

NEW MUSIC: Rihanna – Birthday Cake [Ft. Chris Brown]

yup, you read correctly again.

Worldwide Megastar has gone and released one of her most anticipated songs on her Talk That Talk album, ‘Birthday Cake’. Aside from her ‘Turn Up The Music‘ collab with Breezy, this one just got its release too.

Listen below: (for now, until i find a stream)


If you care for my thoughts on this whole situation it will be after the jump:

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