NEW MUSIC: Mariah Carey – Triumphant [Ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill]

Mariah Carey attempts a comeback with her new single featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill. To me, Mariah is pretty much done with her music career, and this song proves it for me, I thought she might have some left but after listening to this single I don’t have much confidence in her anymore. The single is boring and doesn’t do much considering she is one of the best vocalists of our time, well at least she used to be.  The single basically sounds like it is a Rick Ross and Meek Mill song, and she is doing the chorus. She might be able to gain some kind of momentum seeing as she is now an American Idol judge, but that is all she has going for her right now.

Sorry Mariah, your done if this is the best you can do.

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