NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown – New Flame [Ft. Usher & Rick Ross]



Coming back stronger than ever, Chris Brown releases a very hot (no pun intended) new single titled ‘New Flame’. After smashing his performance at the BET awards earlier tonight, he graces us with new music, that honestly could have done without Rick Ross. This new single is definitely on par with Usher’s ‘Good Kisser’, and he is hopefully done with all his antics and will start to focus on his career more because this kid has the talent to be the best.

While it still isn’t life changing, its a very good start, and I look forward to the video and more from this era of music from him!

NEW MUSIC: Mariah Carey – Triumphant [Ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill]

Mariah Carey attempts a comeback with her new single featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill. To me, Mariah is pretty much done with her music career, and this song proves it for me, I thought she might have some left but after listening to this single I don’t have much confidence in her anymore. The single is boring and doesn’t do much considering she is one of the best vocalists of our time, well at least she used to be.  The single basically sounds like it is a Rick Ross and Meek Mill song, and she is doing the chorus. She might be able to gain some kind of momentum seeing as she is now an American Idol judge, but that is all she has going for her right now.

Sorry Mariah, your done if this is the best you can do.

NEW MUSIC: Usher – Lemme See [Ft. Rick Ross]

Usher is back on his R&B side with ‘Lemme See’. I’m confused on what his album will sound like since he previously released the iconic ‘Climax’ then followed it up with the dance track ‘Scream’. Now he is channeling his R&B side again with this track.

I do prefer this track over ‘Scream’ but I think the added Rick Ross feature makes it less desirable. I just don’t like Rick Ross as it is, so his verse doesn’t help the song, but I definitely think this song is a winner, I’m just waiting to see what kind of album he will drop.

Take a Listen below!

NEW VIDEO: Jennifer Hudson – Think Like A Man [Ft. Ne-Yo & Rick Ross]

Jennifer Hudson releases a video for one of my favorite songs by her from the new Tyler Perry movie. ‘Think Like A Man’ is sexy, powerful, and everything that is needed from her. Not to mention she looks absolutely fantastic in the video. Ne-yo adds a perfect soulful voice towards the song that downplays her powerhouse vocals, and well Rick Ross could have really been done without. Anyway, the video is just as awesome as the song, it’s good to see J. Hud with some dance moves from once!